B2B Lead Generation Tips: Tip #3 – The Calling Script

cold calling, lead generation advertisingYesterday, we tackled cold calling as our tip of the day (to see the previous tip, click here). Today, we are going to talk about the right script and the right way to use said script in contacting your targeted business prospects.Why is the script so important in lead generation advertising through cold calling?The cold calling script is kind of like your magazine of bullets to reload your ammunition for your gun whenever you go into war. Without the bullets, your gun would of course be empty. In other words, your dead.Now think about cold calling; if you don’t have the script you’re either blathering out random words to your prospects or sound like you’re choking over the phone. Both outcomes can prove fatal to your future sales production. Just think about all the negative response that will come out of this.Before starting your business lead generation and b2b appointment setting cold calling campaign, make and refine your script. Do a bit of research as to how other cold callers would make their own technique in talking with targeted b2b leads.

Now research and script won’t win you the leads and sales appointments you want. You need to exude confidence in your voice to let your potential client know you know your stuff. But not too much as it may make your tone of voice to become a bit condescending.

That’s it for today’s tip on b2b demand generation. Stay tuned tomorrow for more great tips on marketing.

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