B2B Marketer’s Guide – Giving Your Own Golden Globe

Stunning gowns. Flawless suits. And finally, the ever-present red carpet. The 12th of January marked the day of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards and its never-ending use of the word ‘best’ (e.g. best picture,  best music, best supporting actress etc).


Like any golden award night, the event recognizes and encourages actors, actresses and directors to keep up their contributions to the entertainment industry. But are superstars the only people entitled to this? Certainly not. Even customers get prizes for being the best of what they are.


Rewarding prospects is another way to motivate them for picking your business over the competition. And while it pits them in a competition among themselves, it keeps all their eyes on your products, on your marketers, and on your brand. The awards will also show that you recognize their patronage and appreciate them for it. After all, they are the lifeblood of any business.


Still, like any marketing tactic, there’s strategy involved. Below is a quick review on the proper way to give awards to notable customers.


  • Maintain customer focus. First, always remember to focus on the customer. What are their needs? Where are they at in fulfilling them? How can your business help? All in all, what is it that makes them a customer in the first place.


  • Entertain. Knowing your customer also means knowing what pleases them, even in the smallest way. Make sure your award programs are appealing in both visual and mechanical aspects (e.g. create unique challenges or throw in a pop quiz).


  • Motivate. Make sure your award is not just there for show; they are to give prospects more reason to keep their business relationship with you. Give them something that will compliment that relationship (e.g. discounts, supporting tools etc).


  • Make sure the sales match up. No marketing tactic is officially effective unless they finally result in a sale. The rule applies even in awarding prospects and customers. It gives you additional control over the campaign and even prevents your award system from getting gamed.


You can point out that awarding B2B customers requires metrics that are substantially different from typical, consumer loyalty programs. That’s only the same as saying the Nobel Prize uses different standards from the Golden Globe. They both still recognize someone for something. And in your case, your award (no matter your standard) is meant to show your customer how much it means for you to be chosen by them.

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