B2B Marketing Tips – The Cure in Christmas Cheer

According to the Andy Williams song, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It sounds pretty sappy (like a lot of Christmas movies) but maybe your B2B marketing team can learn from the idea of Christmas cheer being a stronger cure than plain, old medicine.


Of course, some might insist on taking the prescription for the sake of realism. That could often the case in B2B marketing because you still have to draw the value to the solution you’re trying to sell.


On the other hand, sometimes you could be focusing too much on the ‘little problems’ and aren’t tackling threats that could be bigger.


For example, take the problem of depression. In the field of healthcare, the B2B narrative normally revolves around EMR systems, compliance, equipment maintenance etc. Most then proceed to cover chronic diseases like obesity, cancer, or STDs. Meanwhile people with depression continue to just suffer in silence.


Some might argue that it’s the nature of the beast. Depression covers both physical and mental ailments. It blurs the line between neurological and psychological medicine.


The point however is that you could stand to highlight a bigger problem that’s related to your field. If you’re marketing to the healthcare industry, you should at least show awareness of cures going beyond better equipment or better management of patient data. This admission already has its perks:


  • It acknowledges limits – When people are quick to distrust any claim to quality and guarantee, it’s only logical to assume that acknowledging your limits will have an opposite effect. Therefore, when you realize that there’s more to, say, a CRM solution than just hardware, you are indirectly admitting to limitations and not overselling.


  • It encourages responsible customers – B2B customers like independence and it’s already been proven that plenty prospects do their research before even talking to the sales rep. The only way you can keep up is to put yourself in an authoritative position that teaches responsible purchase and ownership.


  • It can be your ‘reason for the season’ – Finally, it puts your prospect into a much larger perspective. What’s the main purpose of janitorial service? Clean, healthy working conditions. What’s the purpose of accounting? Accurate and trustworthy statement of finances. Much like the reason for the Christmas season goes beyond presents, the value of your products/services could be more than just that.


Despite all sentimentality that could fly in the face of serious business, it could very well teach the most serious lesson of all. Marketing a solution, a cure, could extend beyond the cure itself and it only addresses part of much larger problems.

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