B2B Telemarketing Tips – A New Niche Is Like A Blank Map

Comparisons between niche markets and the Age of Exploration are quite common. A new territory has been seemingly discovered and all the great powers are determined to seize it.


But whereas the colonists had blank maps, B2B telemarketers have blank lists and blank industries. Did the blank maps stop the colonists though? No and neither should an utter lack of contact data keep you from exploring your own unknown territory.


Learning from the Explorers


Both the explorers in real life and those in the likes of Vernian fiction have a lot of things in common when it comes to filling out blank maps. These in turn can be valuable lessons for B2B telemarketers exploring niche markets.


#1: Make the most with what you start with


There are usually two ways explorers start an expedition. It’s either funded by some rich benefactor (like a king or a tycoon) or it’s driven by their own unified ambition (think of a startup).


In the same way, your B2B telemarketers could be the experienced ones you’ve outsourced or comprise solely of yourself, your partners, and a bunch of telephones.


Either way, you have to make the most of what you start with. If you can’t afford to outsource, start reading up tips on list building. Brace yourself for a bit of slogging and manual labor.


There’s just as much work for you when you outsource (it’s only a different kind). Make sure to keep in touch with your vendors on a regular basis (weekly, if possible). You need to communicate the uniqueness of your target niche and how it strongly differs from the other markets they may have previously targeted.


#2: Over or under, just be prepared


Sometimes you can end up investing too much or not enough in what you brought at the start of your exploration. However, it’s better than having nothing in the face of the unknown. You may think that just paying outsourced telemarketers gives you an advantage but they don’t know your target niche any more than you if had decided to do it yourself.


What can make the difference is though is if you’re prepared for the unexpected. For example, if researching online doesn’t give you prospects, start going local. Maybe there’s someone in the local community who would understand the value of your services. Maybe you’ll find it easier to engage when you meet with them in person or network them during events.


#3: Learn fast


Finally, there’s no point in exploring if you don’t somehow record what you’ve explored. The Lewis and Clark expedition had supposedly drawn 140 maps of the Northwest during its course.


No lesser effort should be expected in your B2B telemarketing campaign.


  • With every rejection, quickly understand why.
  • Review the unique needs and problems that identify your niche.
  • See if there are any more problems tied to it.
  • Always be alert for any alternative needs you could also address.


Adaptability is a heavy responsibility regardless if you outsourced most of your telemarketing or managing it on your own. The main purpose of marketing to a niche is to understand it before anyone else beats you to it.


Like unexplored territories, niche markets offer the promise of untapped resources and a chance to make yourself an industry leader. But also like them, they’re filled with unexpected risks so you need to prepare as best as you can and put more effort in learning fast.

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