B2B Telemarketing Tips –Have Excuses but Run Them Out

Excuses aren’t always good. And in telemarketing, it’s not nice to point fingers or shift the cause for a lead’s poor quality on other things besides your telemarketing performance. It causes rifts between marketers and sales reps. It damages your marketing credibility. There’s really nothing good about someone who prepares a list of reasons to not hold them accountable.


Or is there?


In excuses are indeed bad but there are some few cases where they carry valuable insight in of themselves. And because those cases are few, you have good cause to run them out. Think about it like this, ever played Super Mario Bros? Think of excuses are a bit like the power ups.


It’s really simple. Mario and Luigi have an easier time against enemies for each power-up they get. But for each time they’re hit, they lose that power-up until


So each time you bungle, an excuse can stave off any damage you’ll get during the run of your telemarketing campaign. But each time you do, you lose that sort of protection. So why is this a good thing? Is safety really a fair enough price for making even a single excuse? Wouldn’t a complete lack of excuses enforce more discipline among your telemarketers? Here are some things to think about:


  • Second chances are valuable… and rare – Your boss or your sales reps are giving marketing another chance. Why would you blow it again? Making an excuse doesn’t change the fact that something really did go wrong. You just gave them a good reason to believe it won’t happen again.


  • It calls you to learn – When you know that something wrong, what’s the first thing you do? You know the old saying. Insanity’s doing the same thing over but expecting different results. When you make a big mistake, it’s time you learned something from it so that it won’t happen again. Consider yourself lucky if someone buys your excuse for why your lead count dropped or a call went wrong. That doesn’t change your responsibility to find out why.


  •  It calls you to action – Think of this as a milder version of getting a second chance at life. Sure you may not have survived a fatal accident or terminal illness but there’s a bit of enlightenment all the same. Mistakes happen all the time and a good excuse can save you a lot of face. But do you want another brush with total failure or take all necessary action so that it doesn’t happen again?


No excuses is better than few but few is better than having them all the time. Having excuses but in limited buffers keeps you from abusing them but at the same time, saves your telemarketing campaign for a second chance.

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