Black Friday and the B2B Shopping Experience

Most people who first hear of Black Friday either mistake it for a post-Halloween gig or some religious thing.


Then again, is there really a big difference?It’s the day when shoppers race to the nearest stores like the Devil was on their heels. And even then, the Cyber Monday that follows has folks just as obsessive. People forsake sleep and do crazy and admittedly stupid things in order to shop for those discounted items for themselves.  It kind of sounds like that scene from that one Justice League episode where Wonder Woman mistakes a mall for a temple.


Superman: “Yes, for those who worship their credit cards.”


But you know, maybe it’s that sort of obsession that really highlights the difference between B2C and B2B marketing.


In the latter, you got more decision makers and influencers involved in the sales and marketing process. The nature of influencing a purchase decision in an individual or household is more obvious and direc in B2C, whereas in B2B you have a pecking order and people in decision chains.


And while these guys could count among the crazy shopping crowd outside of work, what matters is that there are so many of them in one chain. You could bypass the gatekeeper but still wind up involving a manager or two who want in on your offer because it affects them.


Obviously that sounds more complicated. There isn’t even a uniform hierarchy either. These differ by market and even more by business size. On the other hand, it’s all the more reason to employ classical business tactics like telemarketing, networking, and B2B appointment setting. There’s more room for negotiation without the desperation (and the stampedes) hanging over everyone’s heads.


Black Friday shoppers are driven by the rush of competing with other shoppers whereas B2B prospects are driven by long-term goals, bigger business competition, and even cost-cutting. No offense to Black Friday shoppers but the deals being struck here will more likely be in the board room and not the cashier.

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