Business Sales Leads – Is Your Energy The Blue Core Or Red Core?

In the energy industry, generating sales leads can be just as hard as generating an entirely new source of power. However, when you are a company that is trying to revolutionize the industry and make for a cleaner world, getting sales leads should be a start (if not simply for the sake of getting more attention). The bigger question though is are you ready for the responses that attention brings with it?


Netting Sales Leads Gets You The Good And The Bad


On further reflection, you might even wonder if sales leads would really take a lot of work to generate when the energy source you have discovered is so full of potential. That though only makes it more important for you to be aware of what your sales leads actually entail.


For example, remember the recent take on Astro Boy? The movie’s plot heavily involved the ideas of clean energy, represented by the pure, blue core energy that powered Astro. However, as Dr. Elephun explains, the process also created a dark counterpart: red core energy. The contrasting effects of the two can actually parallel the two different types of energy leads that will be attracted by such a major breakthrough.


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  • Blue Core Energy – The blue energy in the movie has shown promise as new, cleaner, more powerful source of energy that could lead to the eradication of pollution. Prospects who are attracted to this type of energy represent sales leads worth pursuing. They represent businesses who share your vision and your values by holding you to your promise of realizing this energy’s wonderful potential.


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  • Red Core Energy – On the other hand, you could attract sales leads that are just like President Stone. Villains like him are the last kind you would want in your final list of sales leads. The primary reason is their typical motive of weaponizing such terrible power to their own ends. Do you want your discovery to shape a bright future or one that will only promise utter devastation?


Of course, the issues may not always be as black and white as it is in movies like that. Some types of energy can be like the Blue Core at times and then the Red Core in others. All of that however depends on how well you are in sorting out the many sales leads you will attract with your discovery. Furthermore, this can still apply even if you are just a regular energy company in the usual search of more sales leads.


Now in case the ethical and legal implication start giving headaches, do not worry. There are plenty lead generation companies out there who can share your values as well. They can help deal with the finer points of qualifying energy sales leads while broadcasting a message that makes your intentions for it clear. You can also simply consult them when forming your own. Either way, it is still important that your sales leads are sorted between those of good and bad intentions.


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Qualifying your sales leads purely on some mild interest can be quite haphazard in the long run. You do not want those who hold the Blue Core view being overruled by those with sinister motives that will twist your energy discovery to like that of the Red Core. When selecting your sales leads, make sure your lead generation services are behind those who share your vision and values.


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