Business Sales Leads That Do Not Look Like Business

There are times when you need so many business sales leads for you energy company, it will not matter to you what kind of businesses you end up providing power to (so long as they are legit of course). Still, such a sudden expansion into other markets and other industries can result in you finding your business sales leads among places and prospects that, well, do not look like business.


Two Ways Your Salespeople Can Pursue These Sales Leads


Usually the response to this is either one of two ways: blend in or stand out. But believe it or not, both can be valid for pursuing energy leads provided that:


  • 1. It is truly better for your salespeople
  • 2. It can be done right so as not to waste possible sales leads


#1 can be a no-brainer (at least in comparison to #2). You just have to make sure that your salespeople have both themselves and the business itself in mind when they say that the corporate image of suit-and-tie fits you better than having a wardrobe of different costumes (and vice-versa). After all, playing to your strengths is one of the first things that can attract you your sales leads.


Now as for #2:


Sales Leads, Energy Sales Leads, Lead GenerationBlending in right


  • Organizing your prospects – First, you need to organize your business sales leads properly. It will give you a better background on what ‘territories’ your salespeople will be entering. Again, qualifying only legitimate businesses for sales leads does not automatically kill a whole lot of diversity.


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  • What is appropriate in their setting? – This applies to everything from what your salespeople will wear to how they must behave. Your sales leads in turn must provide enough details to help them develop this understanding. Are you meeting the owner of a disco or a bookshop? How friendly are your rates towards businesses their size? How does a variety of sales leads translate to a wider set of attire?


Standing out right


  • Avoid alienation – Coming in dressed in either formal or casual all the time comes with the risk of alienating those who are only used to one or the other. On the other hand, changing this may have more to do with your behavior than how you dress. To be safe though, make sure your energy sales leads are qualified with as few false impressions as possible.


  • Coping with differences – Some prospects might think your business (or at least your business image) may be just too different. You can fix this if you cope with these differences with grace, professionalism, or simply put, easy keeping up. What is important to you is their value as sales leads, as possible business clients and nothing matters in the face of your desire to provide for their business.


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Do not be mistaken. You can still compromise your sales leads if you do not put equal importance on both #1 and #2. Make sure your B2B lead generation strategy can help you determine which approach works best for your salespeople and qualify the sales leads in ways that help them do business with people who do not seem to look like it.

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