Buying Pre-Qualified Sales Leads: Achieving More Sales

qualified sales leadsHow many days, weeks, or months do your company usually get to close a sale? One Week? A month? Three to six months? Or worse, more than that? This is the general picture when you are starting an in-house lead generation campaign. Know that It takes time before a prospect is classified as qualified and sales-ready. Equally frustrating is that you are getting in touch with some of the wrong ones.


However, a different scenario is painted in by buying pre-qualified sales leadsTelemarketing service providers are going to generate interests from targeted prospects that fit into your company’s predetermined criteria. This is gospel for you since your firm will not undergo the usual lead generation and appointment setting drama. Instead of pursuing prospects, a quantum of which do not show interest, your staff operates more efficiently with the available time.


As soon as you buy qualified sales leads, appointment setters of your chosen telemarketing firm schedule meetings among your sales team and interested prospects. With the abundance of time, the possibility that your sales people will bring home the bacon is frequently high. The qualified sales leads are being offered to you on a silver platter and at the right price. Truly, buying leads is the shortest route to an increased amount of closed sales.


One of the greatest advantage of today’s procedures for acquiring more qualified sales leads is the pay per call telemarketing scheme.


So, why you must give pay per call telemarketing a five star rating? For three reasons:


First, it is owing to the fact that you pay only for the number of calls and business contacts to be reached. One cannot go wrong with acquiring professional telemarketing services that is priced at 1 to 2 USD for each call.


Second, the sales leads are fresh and exclusive. This means that telemarketers (along with their data analysts) have made sure that the qualified sales leads have not made any recent purchases from other organizations within the same industry.


Lastly, your sales cycle becomes shorter. Since speed and precision targeting are now longer an issue, closed sales deals can now be achieved at a shorter time frame.


If you have any experience with regards to purchasing qualified and pre-qualified sales leads through pay per call telemarketing programs, kindly share us your thoughts.


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