Can Sales Leads Self-Replicate?

It sounds like a snake oil salesman’s dream, customers who somehow create more customers without them doing a lick of real work.


Lazy as it sounds though, that’s still quite similar to how referral marketing works. Instead of your own marketers generating the sales leads, you rely on the good will of your own customers to do all the pitching.


One really uncommon way to look at it though is that you’re actually helping customers with helping each other.


Even grouches cooperate at some point.

Helping customers as part of your lead generation strategy is hardly a new concept. Look at how T-Mobile creates business models that are friendlier to customers with poor credit. It’s practically common sense applied in business. Although, not much is said about how there are plenty businesses who encourage customers to help each other.


Think about this for a second and go back to how referral marketing works.


You don’t just simply ask a customer to tell your friends. Your customer has to have a pretty good reason to talk about your products/services. That’s common sense too. And obviously, the best reason to have is that a customer knows someone else with the same problems your company can solve.


The first marketing obstacle to this would be the fact that they’re not always aware. Just screaming, “Tell your friends!” can get really old, really cliché, and gets less motivating over time. Try doing the following in addition and see how your leads really replicate themselves:


  • Establish a community – Being social isn’t just a human thing, it’s a customer thing too. You need a space for your customers to convene. Oftentimes, tactics like creating a forum or a focus group is only seen as a means to generate feedback. What you don’t realize is that this same space can be used as a sort of hub for customers to talk amongst themselves and potentially offer experienced buyer assistance to newcomers.


  • Help them share – Empower your customers with a means to share the value of your products. Not all customers are equal but many businesses already think that it’s more profitable to fix these inequalities. A good start would be by making it easier for customers to connect with each other as much as your own business. It’s not enough to have your own customer service. You’ll actually save more when you give your own customers the same capacity to assist.


  • Focus on who needs help more – Finally, this doesn’t completely remove you out of the process. It’s true that the best customers are the ones you don’t often assist but you’re now also free to help those who haven’t quite reached that level.


All in all, it’s important to bridge the gap between your best, oldest, and most experienced customers with those who are new to doing business with you. Getting leads to replicate themselves needs more than just your casual referral. It requires you to help others to help each other.

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