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Using Lead Generation to Pass On Vital Expertise

While some businesses sell their products, others thrive in the business of marketing sheer knowledge. Whether it’s financial strategy, infrastructure planning, and even self-help, there’s always a market for raw expertise.


But more than products however, expertise can be dangerously subjective and their value is often volatile. As the world once again nears the end of another year, lead generation strategists have to wake up to this reality. It could mean the loss of vital information unless they know how to pitch its value properly to a new generation.


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Sales Lead Generation Tips – Let them Save So They Can Spend

In September, families often scramble money for both school supplies and the office necessities that ultimately keep that money flowing in. But as far as the latter is concerned, the things people need at work go beyond pens and post-it notes.


That’s why they’re prime targets for sales lead generation campaigns. How much do you know about what they save in order for them to spend?


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Are You Counting Your Sales Leads or Your Bills?

For some folks, September’s the end of summer and back to the old routine. But for others, they could be feeling a lot of pinches in their wallet even though your marketing spend currently looks stable.


Why does it feel like you’re already counting your bills before you’re getting sales leads?


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Telemarketing Tips – Know That People Want To Hear You

Never forget that telemarketing, despite its age, will always find root in the ancient need for the human voice. In the context of B2B marketing, people will always need to hear who it is they are talking too. Written text can have so much more to hide compared to just hearing someone’s voice over the phone. In fact, there are even some forms of written text that are like telemarketing when it comes to living on despite digital advancements.


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Quality Telemarketing Always Means Quality Communication

The title sounds like an old telemarketing lesson but you have no idea how the concept fails to ingrain itself in everyone. Oddly enough, advertising companies and marketers can relate plenty with it. Why? Communication, regardless of medium, demands quality. Unfortunately, some people forget that medium has an impact on that quality as well. Just look at the case between telemarketing to a phone and that of a cellphone.


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