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Sales Leads and Sales Teams – You’re Really Just Getting a Job

There are two ways to interpret the phrase, “Got a job.” One is the usual, “Hooray, I got employed!”


The other is the kind you hear when you’re watching a movie about hired mercenaries or bounty hunters. Expendables. Charlie’s Angels. A-Team. All these action flicks feature really rugged business relationships where ‘jobs’ are in fact complex assignments or missions (oh yeah, and full of shooting stuff).


But you know, the same thing could apply to sales teams and sales leads.


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Can You Simulate A Lead Generation Strategy?

One of the typical perks to virtual simulation is the ability to test something without the risk of any actual, physical consequence. For example, a shooting simulator helps improve aim without necessarily the risk of death or injury. Flight simulators are used to practice without risking a real plane crash.


But while that’s all well and good for guns and planes, what lead generation campaigns? Can you simulate whether or not a particular piece of copy or a new website look is going to bring more customers? You could certainly save up a lot of effort knowing whether or not some ideas won’t work. And from the looks of it, the future could already be here.


On the other hand, is the simulation really risk-free?


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Can Telemarketing Technology Truly Transform?

When people think telemarketing technology, half the time it’s usually the unnerving combination of robo-calling with a human operator. What’s the other half though? Can it be what is truly needed to transform the telemarketing practice?


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Appointment Setting Tips – When Insanity is the New Normal

It’s official. Everything that the last 50 years has painted about business is now a complete lie. This has been the realization of many in the B2B marketing field. The question is has your business realized it yet?

Sure, there’s still merit to saying the right things carefully. Punctuality’s still good as is focusing on the client’s needs. Common courtesy is still crucial if you want a successful appointment setting campaign.


And yet, how much of these objectives are actually attached to the trappings made up about corporate life?


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Sales Leads – Part Data, Part People?

It’s conventional wisdom to believe that data, analytics, and quantifying buyer behavior is a winning formula for sales leads. And by many accounts, it makes a lot of sense. You’ve already hypothesized what gets B2B prospects buying and now have the numbers to prove them.


But take a step back and retrace that thinking, what came first? Was it the numbers or the behavior? What led you to have this assumption about prospects were looking for? Was it because you already had the big, data-crunching systems in place to tell you or was it something more intuitive?


Are sales leads simply part data and part people?


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