Get Better Commercial Cleaning Leads through Telemarketing

commercial cleaning leadsAfter a long day’s work, if one looks at their office floor, they might collapse of exhaustion just by staring at the amount of trash left behind. That’s why some very intelligent people thought of commercial cleaning companies. They are the ones who clean your workplace after you use it. Although not really a necessity, it has grown in popularity because it saves manpower and is a practical way of keeping a business processes hassle free.


The challenge of commercial cleaning companies is that they find it hard to have a big client base. Worst case scenario, nobody really knows they exist.
Here is lies the solution of commercial cleaning leads generation telemarketing. You see, outbound call centers do not just call people, say some stuff, and end it there. The information they get from the calls are put inside a database. The generated b2b leads are then qualified to ensure that they contain the right information and therefore can be categorized easily.


Cleaning companies makes use of these commercial cleaning leads generation telemarketing service to find potential clients. They “buy” these leads from the outbound call center and it is as easy as one-two-three! Well, not really; but a commercial cleaning company can double, or even triple their potential client base. That, of course, equates to more potential sales and revenue.

Although an optimal way to get more commercial cleaning leads, the reality is that most outbound call centers charge their telemarketing services way too high. The janitorial industry has a large number of companies that are SMEs (or small and medium enterprise). Therefore, they may not have enough funds to pay for the expert cold calling aid.


Lucky for office cleaning companies there are now outsourced telemarketing programs that are easy on the budget. One such program is pay per call telemarketing.


Getting commercial cleaning pay per call leads makes the entire b2b marketing campaign more cost friendly. Simply put, the course’s payment is set to focus on the number of calls to be made. There will also be a set number of contacts to be reached before the outsourced campaign will come to a close. This low-cost advantage is seen due to outbound contact firms to price their calls at an average of 1 to 2 USD each.


Do you have the need for quality b2b commercial cleaning leads? Do you know a telemarketing company to aid you? Share us your thoughts and experiences.


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