Commong Trendspotting Tactics for Lead Generators

Trendspotting is a handy skill for B2B lead generators. It helps them predict the topics their audience might take interest in, which in turn helps them deliver prime content for generating interest.


Of course, it may take a while before that interest cultivates enough to drive a buying decision but you’ve got to start somewhere. Spotting trends can be tricky though, especially in B2B marketing. There are so many various ways to execute it. Some strategies require data and a proper formula for analytics. Others need you to stay on top on the news.


Whichever they may be, it’s ultimately up to you to create a strategy so here’s a selection of common trendspotting tactics that you can mix and match:


  • Starting locally – A good old-fashioned approach still works for some organizations (e.g. small businesses). Read the newspaper for any economic changes that might spur customer behaviour. Go outside and meet like-minded professionals for both networking and prospecting opportunities.


  • Customer perspective – Another place to start can be from a customer’s perspective. Understand your customers own trendspotting habits and why they follow them. What are the qualities that define a trend? Is it something they’d like to know? Do they stay long enough on the band wagon? What else does it say about your target market?


  • Technology and technical analysis – For large enterprises and marketing campaigns, sometimes numbers are the simplest form of complex, intermingling trends. School yourself on some proper analytics. Define the kind of metrics you need to use for spotting trends and acting on the insight.


  • Go for the buzz – Lastly, sometimes the content you use in marketing could use a bit more flair. What good is flair though when it’s not completely tired with a craze? Start surfing the net or browse an active forum or two. It might sound like a repeat of highschool but this kind of routine is surprisingly in tune with marketing objectives.


Remember, the best trendspotting strategy doesn’t have to be exclusive to just one, two, or even three of the above tactics. Sometimes you need some analytics to verify what you’ve predicted from reading the newspaper or Buzzfeed. Other times, you can’t understand what the numbers are saying until you switch off and take a walk outside. As unpredictable trends can be, it may be nothing compared to what strategy will ultimately work best. It’s never too late to find out though.

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