Did Online Social Media Destroy Offline Marketing?

lead generationWith everyone buzzing about who’s on Facebook, Twitter, or even on Google+, organizations may have already forgotten about offline marketing. Sure almost every bit of the business process now stands on the digital age, we take it as a good thing. Don’t get what this article is trying to say in a bad way, evolution for business practices is good. However, what about some of the “old” practices? Should we just move on and just forget about them?

Let’s focus our attention to the marketing side of business; more specifically that of b2b lead generation and appointment setting aspect.

Decades ago, there was only the door-to-door type of selling and marketing. People would walk around town, knocking on doors in order to try and persuade consumers to buy their stuff. Then we went on and moved to advertising through the telephone; or what many would prefer to call it as Cold Calling. This proves to be more advantageous to organizations as they no longer have to tire their salespeople out by walking or traveling around town in hopes for a sale or even a lead for that matter.

Through cold calling, organizations delegate lead generation and appointment setting to their salespeople that is a lot less of a hassle than door-to-door marketing. Even if it is more beneficial to businesses, much can be said about the receiving end of the cold call. Business people are more open minded on the subject so they can be more engaging when it comes to talking about opportunities. Consumers, on the other hand, tend to have a shorter amount of patience as compared to business people which can prove costly and stressful in the part of the sales representative.

Nonetheless, Cold Calling (via B2B) is still one of the most effective marketing techniques to be used.

Now after the peak of cold calling came to be, we can now recognize more digital means in b2b marketing. We now move on to the Internet for even an easier method for marketing and advertising. And by easier it means that a lot more stress free.

What has the Internet brought upon us in terms of marketing?

SEO, social media, online video marketing; you name it. There are tons of ways to market products and/or services over the World Wide Web. All you need to do is build a strong online presence and eventually leads themselves will come pouring in.

More specifically, social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) gets the job done in b2b marketing. With millions upon millions of visitors each day, it won’t be a long time since an organization will have a worldwide online presence just because of these sites.

With that being said, can we say that online social media totally eradicated offline marketing?

Maybe; or maybe not. There is really no definite answer for this. There are many organizations that prefer online methods for advertising their products and/or services. Nonetheless, there are still those that prefer cold calling as their main marketing method. There are even others that opt for a mixture of both!

What about you? What’s your take on this?

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