Does Telemarketing Do All The Sales Work?

It’s a common misconception: telemarketing (or any form of lead generation for that matter) does all the work and the salespeople are relegated to the role of a big business cashier.


However, it’s because it’s common that many telemarketing experts tell people why it’s inaccurate. You need to balance between qualifying leads and getting a sale out of them. When you don’t, there’s a tendency for people working on one process to eat up the time of people working on the other.


A telemarketing call only covers half of what is needed to be done in the entire sales process.  More specifically, it deals with identifying the problem.


According to Jim Sniechowski, that truly is 50% of the solution and he presents an excellent explanation how that identification alone already accomplishes much. And in regards to telemarketing, it goes to show that you don’t have to be the process that does all the work in order to be significant.


Below is a brief list of what your telemarketing efforts set up once you identify the problem:


  • Introductions are already in order – When you get your salespeople a name, a position, and a company, that gives them more time to cut to the chase. Never underestimate the value of such information, even if they do first appear to be minor details.


  • They have something to build a solution on – Sniechowski mentions materials and actions as some of the natural results of identifying a problem. Your salespeople obviously have plenty of these or they wouldn’t have much to sell.


  • A course has now been made – When you know about your prospect’s budget and resource limits, it’s like navigating through an underwater canyon via radar. As the submarine inside it, it gets much safer if you knew where the walls were.


Reversely, you can’t expect your telemarketers to do the work of building the solution from what they set up. There is just not time for that when there are still other prospects with problems in need of identification.


In the end, the process is evenly divided in two. You can’t have telemarketing do all the work of fixing a problem and you can’t expect sales to do all the work of first knowing what problem to base a solution on.

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