Does Your Lead Generation Strategy Suit a Prospect’s Style?

The process of qualifying leads requires you to be really understanding of who your prospects are and what they want. Then again, you read about that in just every blog, article, and case study on the subject.


What are other specifics can you get into? Well one of them could be the aligning your strategy with your prospect’s own style.


For some people, some things are just their style.

“Oh man, that is sooo him… Only guy I know who does things that way.”


“I’m sorry but that’s just not my style… You sure you got the right guy?”


Lines like these are best remembered in movie and TV scripts. But you know, that doesn’t mean real professionals have no sense of style or distinct traits that set them apart. A good lead generation strategy factors in the existence of these signifying traits and aligns itself accordingly.


Consider the following reasons:


  • Leadership alone comes in different style – If you can’t process someone having too many styles at once, at least look at the most relevant: Their leadership style. As with most B2B prospects, their authority has always been one indicator of lead quality. But of course, it wouldn’t be reasonable to reject a lead simply because a certain leadership style is incompatible with your service/product. (At least, not immediately.)


  • It’s another facet of business culture – As you should know by now, information about a business’ particular culture is still very important information for sales reps. Knowledge of budget, authority, and needs isn’t as clear as when you understand them through the lens of a  prospect’s business culture. And wherever there’s culture, there’s bound to be style.


  • Yes, it is personal – And like it or not, there’s a lot of personality involved when it comes to style. For example, when dealing with highly mobile prospects and professionals, would you try and get them to settle down? You can already tell that’s a very bad move. If you don’t like a potential client to make things too personal, you have to (ironically perhaps) understand what makes certain decisions personal to begin with.


In fact, you could actually do better by encouraging prospects to take pride in their own style (whether it’s management, purchasing, or even just dress). Like regular consumers, B2B buyers are more open to those who understand them (even in ways that are not strictly business).

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