Eight Tips to Improve Your B2B Appointment Setting

appointment setting, lead generation, telemarketingSetting an appointment is no laughing matter. Sure it may sound easy as 1-2-3, but getting prospects interested enough to confirm the meeting time, date, and place requires precision, skill, and a little bit of luck. Business-to-business appointment setting is an even tougher marketing endeavor than it is when targeting consumers.


1.It needs to be done!

The first step to your lead generation and appointment setting endeavors is for you to realize it needs to be accomplished. You need to have the right mind-set from the start of the marketing campaign up to its completion for optimum results.

2.Accept rejection

Always remember that you can not please everybody. As such, always expect that every prospect you call will say No to your offer. Nonetheless, it should not stop you from doing your best in getting the word across about your business.

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3.Celebrate on the little accomplishments

So you have gotten a strong lead and an appointment has been set. Give yourself a pat on the back or to the team member who has made the meeting a possibility. This should keep your feelings elevated and allows you to continue pressing on towards the completion of the b2b marketing course.

4.Be yourself

Never, ever forget that you are a person and not some automated machine. Your prospects are expecting a real human being talking to them on the other line. In other words, be flexible when talking to your targeted sales leads. Be creative with your spiels; who knows, you might even get a sale out of doing it.

5.Mind the small details

Be wary of the little details you put into your sales proposal; it may save you from getting bombarded by questions from your prospects. Tell your targeted leads what your product/service does in detail but make it so that it can be understood quickly. Lay-off the technological or business jargons and leave that when you are sure you are talking to experts.

6.Lay on the benefits

If you pour too much on the features, chances are your potential clientèle will get bored easily. People have a rational instinct to observe and ask themselves “What is in it for me?” upon hearing a sales proposal. Let them know they are getting a great deal and the right value for their buck.

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7.Grab them by the throat at the start!

Well, not really; it does not mean you strangle them upon getting a first glimpse out of your potential customers. What it means is you need to get their full attention from the start of the conversation or you might lose them. Worse, you might lose them to your competitors. Be short and concise in your introductions, and never forget to listen as well.


You might get a rejection here and there; heck, you will even get a business lead that will back out at the last second. However, it does not mean that you should stop with your appointment setting practices. Continue on, do what you can, and always go for the gold! 

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