Email Marketing Tips – Valentines Teach More than Just Good Design

Whether its love letters or marketing emails, people forget that they’re really all just messages. What makes them different is the kind of weight they carry and not the fact that one’s got a webinar invite while the other’s in a scented envelope.


This is important for marketers because the quality of a message isn’t just about metrics, systematic marketing tactics, or even template design.


Like love letters, it’s about building a relationship. You can have the snazziest design that will win the heart of prospects at first glance but that affection won’t last long. In a long-term relationship, it’s the idea behind the message that will keep them reading. Here’s a short list of those ideas that often has them coming back to your business:




We should always be thankful for the people who are involved with us especially to those who have played a vital role in taking your business to where it is today. As thankful as customers can be, that gratitude is already on top of what they contribute to your revenue (and your bill payments).


Why not show your own gratitude in return? Use them in your email updates. Match your visuals in response emails. Make prospects feel like they did some good for doing business with you!



It’s hard to generate response when you’re not openly inviting them. Don’t construct your copies in a way that will scare off your readers. This isn’t just about how the message looks but also the tone and volume in your message.


For instance, when you provide them more information don’t induce an overload. Use targeting to help you chip out needless offers. Invite them to constantly engage their business so that they won’t feel like you’re intruding on their personal space.




We don’t make the right decisions all the time and mistakes in delivery. Apologies are obviously called for but, true to the old stereotype, they’re often generic and overly automated.


Show more sympathy and emphasize just how much you care for their well being. You’re going to work with a business for a very long time. You’ll need more than just words to compensate for any screw ups.

In fact, you might even want them to point it out early because hidden dissatisfaction since they might not be sure how to make the approach yet. A lack of knowledge is yet another point of entry for you. It gives you a chance to fix a shortcoming without the price of letting mistakes bring it to light.


Don’t just stop at a call-to-action when communicating with a prospect. Understand you’re your conversation will over an extended period of time. The way you value each other should be expressed mutually and beyond just what makes for good marketing.

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