Financial Telemarketing Tips – Different Forms Of Wealth

The wider your market is, the more tools you are likely to use for marketing (and that includes telemarketing). Now the place where telemarketing might be could depend on exactly who you are essentially talking to. See, when it comes to financial services, even rich people come in all different sorts. There are as many a backstory behind different people’s wealth as there are wealthy people.


Telemarketing Different Prospects Gets You Different Jobs

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Try to illustrate it like this: you are in your office and throughout the week, you get an inbound telemarketing call from a different sort of client. One moment you are paying a visit to a guy in a corner office and talking over their financial reports. The next day you are visiting an old manor with an old guy that wants your help managing wealth in the form of gold coins and pirate treasure. Another time you get a call from an Average Joe who just won the lotto. Soon after your telemarketing services connect you to a school teacher who turned out to be some long-lost heir to an old family fortune.


Yet despite all these different (if not amusing) prospects, do you realize that they have more in common besides your telemarketing? Why did they end up among your qualified leads? Ironically, the answers to both questions are the very things your telemarketing strategy should note if you want to learn what makes each prospect unique (and why it matters).


  • Source – All the examples have a different source of wealth. Some of these figures could easily be relayed via a telemarketing conversation. Others though may not and might mean you need to pick the right telemarketing services to fully understand the value being discussed.


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  • Recipient – You also have the one entrusted with the wealth. This can be an indicator of how much the prospect actually knows and why they are calling you. In the case of just regular people who struck lucky, your B2B telemarketing campaign should quickly turn into an awareness one. On the other hand, the same telemarketing strategy should avoid pointing out the obvious to the more knowledgeable prospects.


  • Needs – Finally, they all have needs pertaining to their wealth yet each of these needs have specifications. Bigger B2B prospects might want to discuss them in longer client meetings while smaller ones would just want simpler advice on what to do with all their money. Either way, your telemarketing strategy must flexible enough to share without giving prospects too much trouble.


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People often speak so badly of generalizing the poor. Do you think that generalizing rich people is any different? Rather, the real crime is generalizing anyone based on their financial situation. Your telemarketing strategy can help you discourage this by organizing your financial sales leads according to the many ways people end up getting rich!

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