For Lead Generation, You Need A Specialist. Period!

Before anything else, be assured that there really is nothing wrong with wanting to do everything by yourself. There’s a certain sense of chivalry attached to it that can be quite inspiring.


However, there’s also nothing wrong with counting on others to help you. And in lead generation campaigns, you’re going to need a lot of people to help you regardless of your marketing style.


In fact, one can argue that you’re only adding to the number of reasons to get specialized help when you apply sophisticated strategies and lead nurturing tactics. If B2B marketing was as simple as passing out flyers in your annual tradeshow, then sure. Maybe you don’t need outsourcing, extra hires, or even that big of a marketing team.


Unfortunately, the narrative often favors the complicated development. Businesses grow when they grow their target markets. Target markets in turn end up throwing a lot more variables to consider as they grow more diverse. Where does this leave you?


  • Extremely frustrated – Look at what happens when a company counts on just raw SEO for most of its inbound success. Eventually, you get tired of playing Google’s game. Everything you do seems effective for an unpredictable window of a year to as little as three months.


  • Paranoid and doubtful – With frustration comes the paranoia that everything you do isn’t as effective as you think. Leads die because they take too much time getting ‘qualified’ in the pipeline. You can’t be sure if a lead’s been qualified enough or your salespeople are just doing all the work your marketers are supposed to.


  • Deprived of expertise – And because of paranoia, you’re not sure about what anyone else is saying. Your experience seems to clash with one expert even though it resonates well with another. You think content and social media only define good inboundmarketing? You’d be surprised how they can support outbound strategies as well.


You shouldn’t just outsource indiscriminately. But if it’s starting too look like you’re just about to break from under the strain, you better start figuring out ways to handle the load. No matter what your marketing style, you’re going to need a specialist. Period!

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