Getting Sales Leads from the 90s Kid

What do sharks and turtles have in common? Well, if you were once a kid in the 90s, you’d know that mutant versions of both were popular cartoon shows. (Them alongside hockey playing ducks and bike riding mice from outer space.)


So why the trip down this memory lane? The real question is: whose memory lane is this? The answer is millennials. It doesn’t take an MBA to know they are already taking up space in your offices, your conference rooms, and well on their way to occupying positions beyond the managerial suite.


The takeover is imminent but there’s no need to see it as an invasion of juveniles. In fact, there are plenty reasons to believe that they can be similar to older generations of professionals. Nostalgia is just the beginning. If you’re going to start finding 90s kids among you sales leads, establishing a few things in common is still a tried-and-true way to start.


But first, it’s also good to know what doesn’t work anymore. Inflexible campaigns and being too anonymous obviously won’t get their attention. On the other hand, being more personalized and approaching them from that level just gives you more reason to find something in common across generate gap.


  • Nostalgia – They might be currently steeped in pop culture but that doesn’t mean they’re not old enough to start looking back on their childhood memories. (If they weren’t, you wouldn’t have articles like this popping up right after the death of Robin Williams.) It just goes to show that you’re not the only ones with a habit of looking back on things. Theirs might be to a different time but the feeling is there and you can tap into the time for things that they can still relate to.


  • Drive to succeed –The means may differ but the ends still remain. Millennial prospects want to succeed just as much as their baby boomer counterparts in 60s. Definitions of success might differ on more personal levels but as far as, say, more productivity or better working conditions, go, those are still needs. In fact, this list of 90s fictional heroines can show that this drive was still strongly fostered among 90s kids.


  • A subtle repeat of history – Oddly enough, there’s a huge chance this could be history repeating itself on a very subtle level. A reigning generation is taking up a certain portion of your target market, and therefore you shift the tone of your marketing and lead generation campaigns according to its preferences. For all you know, your marketing predecessors may have already done the same thing in their day!


There’s so much focus on what makes millennials different from past generations. But while its often for the sake of learning how to manage them or market to them, you can do the same with what they also have in common.

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