Getting Sales Leads Out Of Tossed Training Wheels

Sales leads for advertising firms are more than just opportunities to exercise your skills. They are opportunities for your clients to make the most of your results. After all, there is only so much that commercials and web banners can accomplish on their own. Other areas of your prospect business should cooperate as well (and as a side note, it is why alignment should be established prior to qualifying sales leads).


This requires you to be more of a trainer even while you are still qualifying your sales leads. But as with bikes, most (if not all prospects) would soon have to do without your training wheels. This will be very important to keep in mind if you try to make a repeat client out of them.


Old Sales Leads That Have Outgrown Their Training Wheels


Sales Leads, Advertising Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThis neither means good news nor bad news for you but this can mean good or bad results. Good results come from acknowledging that your prospect is ready to learn more and you must qualify them as sales leads for offers that rank further up in your catalogue. Bad results come from having no such thing in your catalogue and losing your old marketing leads to competitors who have more to teach them.


How do you keep this from happening? You use your sales leads to first determine how long it has been since they ditched their advertising training wheels.


  • Have you met before? – What is interesting is that advertising leads from more expert prospects are not just your old prospects that have undergone a transformation. These could be the old prospects of competitors so be careful about lumping in these sales leads together. You are still more knowledgeable about what you worked with old prospects compared to what your competitor has worked with their own.


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  • What have they come to accept? – Fresh advertising sales leads often come from prospects that are still under a lot of common misconceptions about your industry. Those who have cast off their training wheels are more than just schooled in the basic facts. How far have they gone with the results you granted them and are they still struggling to comprehend more advanced marketing concepts?


  • Are they starting to distinguish themselves? – Sometimes you might be surprised that, upon recycling your old sales leads, you find prospects who started plain have now made use of your efforts in ways unique to them. What can you do with their approach? Can these reformed sales leads even fall under the definitions of some of your current lead generation campaigns?


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In case you do not know, always going for the same fresh sales leads can be a lot less productive than other business lead generation experts would want to admit. Recycling your old sales leads on the other hand means you are likely facing a prospect who has thrown away their training wheels. Are you prepared to advance that training?

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