Good Appointment Setting and Alienation Are Incompatible

You can have two things that don’t work well together and you can have two things that are just outright incompatible.


This difference is surprisingly not clear for those engaged in appointment setting. Unfortunately, the line really shouldn’t be so blurry. There reason for this though is sometimes appointment setters can be all too desperate to produce sales that they forget some of the other things that matter in business.


In all fairness though, all professionals suffer the need to impress regardless of what expense they could end up playing. Even President Obama is no exception.


What’s important is that you don’t put yourself in the trap of trying to impress every new client and ultimately keeping yourself locked in what could very well be a smaller market than you hoped. A good appointment setting strategy is inherently incompatible with that sort of alienation. A good strategy requires you to ultimately toss aside the jargon and focus on keeping it simple.


  • Start with market size and return – Can you look at the results of every appointment setting campaign and honestly say this is what you want to keep seeing ten or even just two years from now? If your answer is yes, then you better at least make sure you can maintain it as you forever cut yourself off from any new market.


  • Focus on clarity – Just because there are a lot of complications in B2B business don’t mean you have to forget the simple things. This is usually the dangerous thing about getting lost in all the jargon and corporate backstabbing that usually characterizes shows like Suits. Clarity is sacrificed in the name of agenda.


  • Be open about what you don’t know – It might rub some prospects the wrong way but having limited knowledge isn’t something to be ashamed about. Rather, it’s something that needs to be opened up. Take note, this applies to prospects as well. The fact that their own knowledge is limited should be what brings you together because, after all, you’re selling a solution.


Some appointment setting strategies seem only to focus on communication on the surface level. They don’t look underneath the buzzwords and see if there really is a connection or only the shadow of one. You’ll know it however if the result is alienation because ultimately, they’re incompatible.

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