How Appointment Setters Can Speak Local

When it comes to targeting local businesses, culture and language shouldn’t even be the first problem on your list. Skilled appointment setters know how to get pass that easily and tackle the real heart of any business matter. Only then can you really be speaking local.


Take real estate for example. Suppose you’re trying to figure out how to sell a piece of land, a townhouse, or a condominium unit in high rise office suite.


You don’t want your investment turning into a white elephant right? That’s why you need no-nonsense marketing to help you find some leads fast.


  • Step 1: Identify your target market – Local or global, your target market can be a universal definition. Before running your campaign, figure out the kind of potential tenants you want to attract. Are you looking for a working professional with a nearby downtown office? How many employees do they want to hold at a time? Asking yourself these questions will help you choose the right tenants.

    Howdy folks!


  • Step 2: Take at least one shot at latest marketing trends – Don’t knock it until you try it, as the saying goes. Make use of new technology that could potentially spread word of your establishment. Put it in listings that your target audience might likely look up. Post as many pictures to show you’re the real deal. Most people or if not all are satisfied with products or services especially when they see it for themselves. The more pictures they see then the more options they will have.


  • Step 3: Assess the challenges of competitionHow serious is the competition? Be objective about this. You don’t to spend too much on marketing places where being in the space is already enough to grant you sizeable share of local business. At the same time, keep an eye of what could still develop. Compare prices or even take a ride right on their ‘turf’ to see everything firsthand.


  • Step 4: Create a feeling of proximity – Promos and ads are more effective if they give a sense of proximity. Most of the business prospects targeted by real estate want a location that supports a healthy, work-life balance.  Look to ads placed by competitors if you want more specific examples. This approach lets your prospects know that you want them to feel important by understanding most, if not all of their needs.


  • Step 5: Explain the details but don’t browbeat – Helping potential clients understand certain terms and conditions shouldn’t be a cause for headaches. You can avoid this by not using those conditions to browbeat them (at least far too early in your business relationship). Give them room to negotiate and don’t be afraid of presenting different options when it comes to payment. You can even include additional offers. You’d be surprised at the number of consumer marketing tactics that still work in a B2B transaction.


Familiarity with certain local quirks is really just a cherry on top of a really, big cake. The good news is that the layers are not that much different than if you were targeting any other market. Treat your local neighbors the same way you’d treat any other customer.

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