How Appointment Setters Keep It Simple But Not Stupid

Simplicity is a common rule in today’s business communication. Whether you’re sending a marketing email or making a telemarketing call, keeping it short and sweet is a bona fide rule of thumb.


On the other hand, sometimes appointment setters make the mistake of assuming simplicity comes off as rather stupid. This can’t always be helped. Plenty of experts in certain B2B marketing industries often bemoan the drastic simplification of their work and their field.


How can appointment setters keep it simple but at the same time not stupid?


  • Find alternative expressions – Sometimes it’s better to use less words and more of something else. Most often it’s images but other times it’s that plus live demonstrations. You also have infographics and more expressive designs. Look at political cartoons! Find other ways to package your ideas so that you’re not out of options on how to present them.


  • It’s all about their attention – Getting their attention is like the raw ingredient that separates simplification from stupidity. Stupidity doesn’t so much get their attention as offend their sensibilities for a while and then they just ignore you. Real simplicity is about knowing what catches your prospect’s eyes even if it’s as simple as giving them a phone call.


  • Prioritize facts they like – This doesn’t mean whitewashing or downplaying. It means giving them information that focuses on facts they’ll find appealing. There is no need to deny or ignore certain realities in your prospect’s work experience. Rather, if you know they’re looking for a solution, the logical step is to present the answer they’re looking for on the spot!


  • Pepper pieces across channels – Thanks to the internet, the B2B buying process has been complicated due to the influence of other buyers as well as increased access to information that potential buyers look up. But if that’s the case, it only makes sense to break down the information you want to share and pepper it across different channels until your prospect finally completes the picture by the time you’ve set an appointment.


Simplifying an issue isn’t about changing the facts. You’ve actually failed at it if this is the result. Rather, it’s about changing the package and how it’s delivered to get prospect attention.

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