How to be A B2B Marketing Matchmaker

Many enjoy using Valentine’s Day as a matchmaking occasion. Some folks just really find it cute when they end up bringing together a guy and a girl who look like they’ll make a good match.


These are the folks who don’t mind watching from the sidelines whose only problem is how indecisive both parties can get.


Marketers though can apply this as their own analogy.


One party represents your business and all its solutions. The other is your clients and their own business problems. Like any matchmaker, you have to confirm their compatibility for pairing them up.


You don’t just barge in when all you have is a gut feeling. You supplement it with the facts. You’d want your prospects to be happy with your products. Hence, you need to perfectly time the one small push they need. All the problems and solutions have to align perfectly and that is where your own problem is.


The good news is that it’s usually the romantic problems that get complicated and personal. For B2B relationships, there’s more room for the technical and the logical when matching prospect problems with your solutions.


  • Define the problem – Sometimes you realize the solution was there all the time and you just needed to take the first step of problem solving: Knowing that there is a problem. The best part is that clues are everywhere. You’ve got customer feedback, product failure, decline in sales, or even new industry regulations. Regardless, your discovery can create more discussion, meetings, and help both salespeople and prospects formulate a plan of action.


  • Plans can be criticized – Though speaking of which, a prospect may not be as dense as lovestruck types tend to be. Plenty of research is done on their part during this part of the sales process. Influencers within the company render opinions on how to solve the problem you’ve identified and may even consult their own “expert” strategist.


  • Don’t just have one solution – Don’t be too satisfied with Plan A. The rule of thumb is find a minimum of three ways to solve the problem. This assures prospects that even your marketers possess the creativity to propose multiple solutions for solving the problem.


  • Learn when to decide – After presenting as many choices as possible, now comes the time to pick the best one. If you’ve listened well on a prospect’s situation, then trust yourself to make the best pick. One way to assure yourself is test it against previous results. Did it deliver within the time frame necessary? Did it meet the standards of performance? Will there be similar situations with other customers? Always be ready with a success story from previous clients.


  • Picture the implementation – Believe it or not, marketers need the problem-solving strategy that involves them in the implementation. Think about it. Your solutions are first shown in the form of presentations towards B2B customers. Highlight benefits like safe and fluid integrations and really make them comfortable with the idea of giving the sale.


We all know that not all confessions and proposals are always answered with a yes. You make it harder though if you recklessly rush a match up. You have enough unpredictable factors to worry about. Be as level headed as you can when matching up your prospects problems with solutions.


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