How to Retain Customers Using Telemarketing

telemarketing call centerEvery company in Canada needs to maintain a strong marketing campaign because no matter how big and good they are there will always be a customer/client drop off along the process.

However, all of them have one major weakness in common-they really can’t retain customers.  They are often confronted with several problems that hinder them to maintain their market.  And the challenges they need to face include:


  • Determining who should be retained

  • Knowing how to retain them

  • Discovering what tools/strategies to use

Today, telemarketing services can be an extremely effective tool for customer retention.  In fact, the telephone is one of the best ways to retain customers. Telemarketing services offer Canadian marketers the chance to retain customers/clients with a service oriented approach as well as cost effective.

The first way to really ensure that retention is possible is to know who the customers are and their buying habits. This can be done through market research using telemarketing. The research aims to study and analyze customer life cycle and current needs. Telemarketing calls are used to identify these issues through predefined questions than can capture the data needed to offer customers more targeted solution.  The ultimate goal here is to understand all customer information as well as the most marketable offer to retain customers.

Another way to retain customers is through inbound telemarketing. This type of telemarketing serves as the help desk of customers. It answers queries 24/7 thus keeping customers satisfied and happy all day and night. Inbound telemarketers are there to process orders and customer payments over the phone.  Whether it’s about dealing with calls that are made after the office hours, a prompt answering or voice mail service, taking credit card orders, seminar registration, dealer locator service, general inquiry service, reaching the reservation desk, and immediate response to print ads or any other form of advertisement, inbound teleservices have lend them a helping hand.

Outbound telemarketing is another customer service tool to follow up on customer experience and discover ways to improve service and retain customers.  There are times, when a customer feels at wit’s end while using a product or service. It is very necessary therefore to provide after-sales services and maintain the credibility of product and company.  Outbound calls can be used then to follow up customers even after their purchase. Efficient outbound solutions are customer-specific and drafted by professionals for best results. The process is executed by young executives who are ideal to listen and talk-to. These executives work as per client specifications in the language asked for and as per customer’s queries.

Telemarketing call centers are aimed at providing satisfactory services to retain customers.  The telemarketing services they offer such as market research, inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing can be one’s best tool to retain customers. Ultimately, if Canadian companies want to retain their customer base, then they will be needing the help of these service providers.  Really, it is high-time for them to look for a telemarketing call center to work with.  

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