In Appointment Setting, Interest Really Matters In The End

Many people tweak their appointment setting campaigns in hopes they have found the secret to getting prospects more interested than what they have. Sometimes however, everything just starts to fail at that point. Even if your appointment setting strategy can be tailored to discover needs, if interest is not sparked and nurtured during the conversation, you will not get much in the end because they like what they have.


Why You Need To Get Appointment Setting Off These Prospects


Appointment Setting, Advertising Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsThe good news is results are never all black or white in appointment setting. It is all about how well you can probe a prospect’s mind and remembering that you are simply there to discover facts. More specifically, you are only trying to discover facts about their interest. Facts can change for sure but they are also objective when they are not in the process of changing. Should you spark that change? Not necessarily. You are there first to observe.


Advertising has always been looked upon as the industry of probing people’s minds en masse and trying to discover interest and spark demand. So if you are an advertising firm, you will know just how much your appointment setting strategy should place knowing about interest first, doing something to change it second. You cannot expect your advertising leads to get any less objective than that.


  • Step 1: Ask if they have ever done advertising before – Usually, the answer could be yes but it is better to make sure because some businesses have a varying definitions of what advertising could mean. Even your appointment setting campaign could be catering to those different definitions. Some think they have enough advertising passing out fliers while others think it only involves costly commercials.


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  • Step 2: How do they feel about their current setup – There are different ways to do this and you do not need to even single out the competitor that they will name. Your advertising appointment setting strategy could offer something to support or be a gateway to a different channel. (In fact, you would know how multiple channels themselves can help in your appointment setting strategy so why not clients?)


  • Step 3: Get their answer to go straight – In Step 2, another example of knowing a prospect’s interest is to offer them something they can compare in their free time. If a prospect is not even keen on that then you finally know what they really mean. They are clearly not interested. It is simple as that and it is time your appointment setting campaign leave them for the time being.


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Your B2B sales leads are generated in larger numbers for a reason. Having one prospect alone may not be enough even they did qualify. Your appointment setting strategy needs a quick way to probe the minds of prospects and find out the truth about their interest. Sure, it could be that their interest might change and you are right to keep your appointment setting campaign going based on those hopes. Just make sure you know that the facts of interest really matter in the end.


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