Is B2B Telemarketing Still Good for Lead Generation?

B2B telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, cold callingCold calling leaves a bad taste in the mouth for both marketers and their target markets. This outbound form of marketing has another name that has already gained quite the attention – Interrupt Marketing. As such, many will rather opt towards digital and inbound forms as to implementing b2b telemarketing for their main marketing method.



With everyone turning to the Internet for their business-to-business marketing, a lot of offline practices are being left behind. Telemarketing is one such method that seems to have fallen behind the pack.


However, businesspeople still fail to consider this marketing tactic an effective method for generating targeted sales leads. With the right tools at a b2b marketer’s disposal, they can make telephone marketing as effective as any inbound Internet sales procedure.


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Here are some tools that one could take advantage of when initiating a b2b telemarketing campaign for lead generation and appointment setting:


  • Calling List


    Dialing random numbers on a telephone will not cut it if one wants quality b2b leads. Getting a reliable business contact list from a notable database provider should come first. Such a database will contain a list of precision targeted contacts with their correct contact information.



  • Refined Script


    A marketer should always refine their sales and marketing spiel in order to allow optimum results from their campaign. However, relying too much on the script will not enable a happy ending for the course. The delivery of said outline of the sales and marketing proposal should be done in a friendly yet professional tone. It should not be carried in such a way that is condescending or full of doubt.



  • A Mirror


    Although deemed unnecessary, many cold callers find it easier to communicate if their prospect is right in front of them. Since this is not a possibility with the use of telephones (not counting smart phones with built-in cameras), they place mirrors in front of them.



  • A Good Telephone and Service


    Out of all the tools, the most important one to a b2b cold caller is, of course, their telephone. If the phone and/or phone service is not able to keep up with the demands of contacting their prospects, then the entire lead generation and appointment setting campaign might crumble apart. Think about it; if the two parties could not communicate with each other properly then the caller and the receiver of the call will most likely become annoyed. The conclusion to the conversation is it will not last for more than a few seconds (or one-minute at most).


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If you are a marketer that still use b2b telemarketing as a method for generating sales leads and business appointments, then it is important that you should have the tools listed above. Gaining maximum probability in catching the interests of your targeted prospects is a must if you want to gain a significant advantage over your competitors. 


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6 thoughts on “Is B2B Telemarketing Still Good for Lead Generation?

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  2. Saurabh Khetrapal

    “relying too much on the script will not enable a happy ending for the course. ”

    Agreed. You need to be able to move with the flow of conversation, even if that means leaving the script behind. Customers don’t want to be “talked at.”

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