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Is It Really Possible to Achieve Productive Lead Generation?

lead generation, business to business leadsMany businesses enact their own lead generation campaigns. Many of these businesses also wonder if is it really possible to achieve a productive campaign. Sometimes, however, people confuse what “productivity” means. Does your lead generation produce leads? If yes, that’s a good thing, but does your campaign produce leads that actually make you money? If no, then productivity is obviously low.

In business, numbers mean something – both big and small figures may mean something good or bad for your company. Numbers actually help you find out whether your lead generation campaign is productive or not. How? Well, just take a look at how many leads you are generating in a month as well as the money you make. After all, you made an investment into your campaign. The question now is that if you are generating a good amount of leads and are getting a positive ROI.

It is quite possible to achieve a productive B2B lead generation campaign. However, we must first define what “productive” means for your company. After all, we all have our own goals for our business, identifying what those goals are will help us gauge the productivity level of our campaign.

Here are some things to consider in achieving productivity:

Consider the efficiency of your campaign.

When we speak of efficiency in your campaign, we should first consider the costs involved. Are you doing things at the lowest possible cost, or are you throwing your money around when it comes to acquiring more business to business leads?

The amount of money you spend and the amount of money you make should tell you about how effective your campaign is. If you allot a small budget for your lead generation campaign and generate only a small number of leads, that may not be something you would call productive. However, even with a small number of leads, you can still consider your campaign productive if those leads convert into sales.

The same goes if you are spending a lot of money in doing lead generation. More leads would mean nothing if your leads did not convert into sales and thus get you a positive ROI for your investment. A productive lead generation campaign should be about a getting leads that convert into sales and should not be focused merely on just getting more leads.

Consider the effectiveness of your campaign.

Productivity and effectiveness are closely knit; an effective campaign is a productive one. The effectiveness of your campaign, however, should be assessed by whether or not it helps you achieve your goals.

What is your goal in enacting your campaign? Is it too generate more leads or to increase sales? If in the end your campaign meets these goals then you can safely say that your efforts paid off and that your campaign is an effective one.

As you can see, achieving a productive lead generation campaign is quite doable, however, you first need to define what “productive” means for your company. Does it mean more leads but no profit; does it mean less leads but large profits; does it mean more leads and more profits?

So do you think that it is possible to have a productive campaign?

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