IT Telemarketing Services: Achieve Success Through Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

B2B TelemarketingHello. My name is…” is an opening line that you may have heard on the phone before. And as you may have already assumed, yes, it is a telemarketer who is on the other line. Maybe the call is in regards to a business deal, or maybe they are trying to sell the products and services of their respective firm. With the way that telemarketers use their words, they can draw people in and make them see the true worth of what they are selling. With this, even an IT firm can hope to achieve more sales with the help of skilled telemarketers in marketing their IT products and services. Why, even big IT companies in the industry still use telemarketing as a means of client creation and business development. 


If you’re running an IT firm and are planning to get telemarketing services, be they outsourced or in-house, then there are a few things that you may need to know before you get into the telemarketing mix of things. As you can see, IT telemarketing can offer various services which you can avail of in terms of making more sales for your firm. These services can be as such: 

IT Lead Generation – Through the use of cold calling services, telemarketers make calls to your prospective companies. Usually, your chosen telemarketing provider will ask you if you have any specifications that you would like your prospects to meet and for them to be considered as leads for you. Of course, the usual question would be how many computers and servers they employ, what type of software are they using or if they are having problems with storage and need disk back-ups on a regular basis. Using these types of specifications, telemarketers make their calls and find companies that do need these sort of IT products and services, ask them if they are perhaps interested in finding outsourced solutions and if they are willing to consider going into business with one. They then turn these into leads which you can use to get in touch with these other business and hope to make a sale or close a business deal. 

IT Appointment Setting – Another thing you could go other than lead generation is appointment setting. You may have already heard about this from another source but appointment setting through telemarketing is when telemarketers make calls to target companies, get in touch with the needed prospect/decision maker and set face-to-face appointments for the account/sales executive of their respective firms. This approach is best used when doing B2B transactions and could work wonders for your firm if your aim is to get long-term business deals and closed contracts with your prospective clients. However, you would need leads for this to work, good IT sales leads. As part of their package, IT telemarketing firms usually offer a calling list from their extensive databases to their clients. In a way, this is a cost-effective method to make more sales for an IT firm. 

If you take a look at both the services mention above, you may be able to see that by combining both of them you will be able to have a marketing strategy that can significantly bring improvements on the amount of sales you make. IT appointment setting needs leads to succeed and with IT lead generation it its side to generate fresh IT sales leads, you may find yourself with a calendar full of business appointments with your prospective clients. Use IT telemarketing to your advantage in making more sales or in getting more deals. This may just be the best thing your firm can use to achieve success.

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    It’s important for telemarketers to know and comply with company protocol when it comes to bringing in point persons for high-level decision making with regard to client inquiries.

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