Lead Generation – Making Merchants Out Of Adventurers

Have you ever had a lead generation campaign and your merchant services company encountered someone completely new in the ways of business? Furthermore, this person came to run a business from being a consumer in the same market he or she is now catering to. Some might consider this person a pro and would consider them an excellent prospect for the lead generation campaign.


The truth is they could still just be akin to fantasy adventurers trying to become merchants. Your lead generation strategy might want to consider testing how much they know about selling to customers instead of trying to qualify them right away.


When Lead Generation Targets Intrepid Merchants


Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Sales LeadsIntrepid Merchant is the name given to a recurring character trope in fantasy settings. These are people who start out as adventurers but have developed a penchant for selling the things they find on their journey. If your lead generation strategy targets prospects with similar business models, you are basically targeting Intrepid Merchants.


Obviously, these sound like they belong in the small business segment of your market. Then again, so what? It is not like even small businesses do not qualify for credit card processing leads. These people already have a shop and a system of selling to their own customers. Why should your lead generation strategy exclude them? Better yet, what can it do to include them?


To start, use these traits to build the definition your lead generation strategy needs to find Intrepid Merchants in real life:


  • They move around on the occasional adventure – They may have a shop but circumstances could have them moving around (taking a vacation, joining events, looking for new suppliers). Make sure your lead generation strategy is flexible in terms of getting past geographical obstacles. Be as available and noticeable as possible wherever they are (internet, social media, even niche media).


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  • They are skilled in creating/acquiring what they sell – Another unique trait is that these business owners are selling things they either made themselves (e.g. craft items, art designs) or at least really good at getting them (e.g. suppliers, collectors). Your B2B lead generation strategy should consider the fact that these are but the natural products of other activities they are passionate about.


  • They may not be skilled in selling (yet) – On the opposite end, they may not entirely be business savvy enough to make the most out of what they are selling. It remains important though and is an important message you need to send using your lead generation tools. They may not need an MBA but a few helpful tips would be, well, helpful!


  • They want things simple and profitable – Finally, it is highly likely that these people do not want to be bothered with too much complexity when it comes to selling. A good lead generation strategy knows how to minimize (if not eliminate) any sign of red tape or bureaucracy when it comes to a better way of having customers pay them.


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To sum it up, these are people who do not like to be chained down, not even by the offers you leave around for them to see in your lead generation campaign. They are merely the type who want the fine balance between doing what they want to do and making money off of it. So if you run into them among your B2B sales leads, know that you are making merchants out of adventurers!

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