Lead Generation – When To Say ‘Out Of Your Jurisdiction’

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If your lead generation campaign uses inbound methods, you may have had to use this classic (yet dangerously bureaucratic) line: “Sorry, this is out of my jurisdiction.” The reason for why this can be dangerous of course is that may result in a lead generation process that churns out excuses and not leads for your IT company.


Keeping Your Lead Generation Strategy From Turning This Into An Excuse


On the other hand, there are cases where this is valid and not speaking out can also have dire consequences for your lead generation campaign and your IT leads. So when, does this not sound like an excuse anymore?


  • It significantly departs from your field – If your IT firm is more of a technical expert, that can be entirely different from a legal expert. Therefore, your lead generation process has every right to say that your knowledge is only limited to how a system works. If you are sincerely unsure if a prospect is using something illegal, defer them to the appropriate consultant just to be of service.


  • You have no past experience with a problem – This is a bit trickier. See, there is still a chance that despite having no experience, a prospect can still come to you with concerns you have all the resources to fix. Lead generation is about finding opportunities after all. Make sure you really have no chance, not use your inexperience (along with the jurisdiction line) as an excuse.


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  • You have thoroughly investigated to make sure – Arguably, the best way is to simply use your lead generation process to thoroughly evaluate all the information handed to you by your prospect. For this to work really well though, you have to show you have (and not just say you did). Listening carefully and being as honest as you can about your limitations are also pluses for any lead generation strategy.


  • You even consulted the competition – Sometimes previous lead generation campaigns have informed you a lot on competitors as much as clients. They too can be a means to confirm when it looks like a problem will be unfamiliar to them as it is you. For all you know, they may have even made the mistake of attempting only to fail terribly.


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While it is good to expand your horizons with your lead generation activities, you have to accept difficult challenges that are still within reasonable bounds. You do not ask a baker to fix your closet any more than you would put a handyman in charge of a wedding cake. Learn where to draw the line between qualified sales leads and those with problems outside your jurisdiction.

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