Lead Generation And Derivative Works

Lead Generation, Business Lead Generation, Sales LeadsWhat do lead generation and derivative works have in common? Well you can say it has something to do with the classical marketing concept known as the Unique Selling Position (USP). Without going into too much detail, a USP is basically the thing you keep saying throughout you entire lead generation strategy to show that your product or services are, well, unique.


At first, this might sound contrary to the idea of a derivative work (obviously on the count of it being derivative). However, you may not know this but many of those in the marketing lead generation business can find difficulty purely because a lot of today’s marketed products are derivative in one sense or another!


Is Your Lead Generation Campaign Promoting Something Derivative?


The reality can be quite depressing really. Everything from cellphones to entire enterprise IT structures are actually based on the work of another. How does one create a USP and conduct a lead generation campaign yet not feel like a copycat at the same time? Why hope for business sales leads when you are filled with the fear that someone will accuse you of ripping off another product or service?


Surprisingly, you might find inspiration in many derivative works that have been successful in their own right! What is it in them that you can transform into your own USP and succeed with a derivative lead generation strategy?


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  • A different direction – Take the game American Mcgee’s Alice for example. It acts as a darker, more sordid sequel Carrol’s original work and gamers loved it. What about you? Why not look to your own product, focus on giving it that different spin, and then using your business lead generation campaign to promote it?


  • A different take – Here is another popular type of derivation. This is also the kind that fairy tales have along undergone. You may have based the idea of your product or service on something else but you took a lot of liberties in your own take. Your lead generation strategy is more likely to present you as innovative than unoriginal.


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  • A different focus – Some forms of derivative works actually focus on another character who was not dwelt upon in the original (e.g. Wicked). Prequels and origin stories tend to fall under this. What your lead generation strategy can take from this is that you can readjust both your campaigns and on your offers to focus on another problem that your ‘original’ competitors are ignoring but prospects want dealt with!


Some might even argue that the concept of originality itself is overrated and simply means for prospects to throw you off. You would be surprised at how many business sales leads you will gain by turning copycat allegations on their heads like this. Try a derivative lead generation strategy today!

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