Lead Generation Through Telemarketing & the AIDA Principle

Companies that do lead generation through telemarketing often find that their prospects aren’t responsive enough to their attempts at engaging them. Well, it’s to be expected. How would you feel if some random stranger called you up in the middle of the day and made you an offer, and since the caller obviously isn’t Don Vito Corleone, you had every reason to refuse.

Prospects who you make cold calls to are likely to refuse what you offer because maybe they just don’t need what you have to offer. Well, it’s either that or because, as said above, you’re a random caller and he/she doesn’t have any idea about your company. And as said, it’s to be expected. Would you be willing to do business with the company a telemarketer represents on the drop of a hat?

If you want to have a productive lead generation program, you may just have to take a look at the AIDA principle. What is it, you ask? That’s something we’re going to cover in this post, as well as how you can use it to the benefit of your marketing campaign.

What is the AIDA principle?

The AIDA principle is an acronym which stands for:

  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action

These for things are what you need to cultivate in order to bring in more sales leads. Want to know how to put the AIDA principle in action for your business? Let’s move on.

You need to draw attention to yourself.

When you get dumped by your lover and get slapped in the middle of that classy restaurant, you get attention – the kind that you don’t want. When you do telemarketing and constantly make cold calls, you are, in a way, drawing attention to yourself. The problem is that the level of attention you get from prospects isn’t enough to actually get them to move on to the next part, which is…

Generating an interest in your brand.

Cold calls are random. It’s a well-known fact about telemarketing. As such, there’s no telling what kind of company you could be making a call to. In order to generate an interest in your product/service though, you have to know exactly what types of businesses you need to get in contact with.

So who should you be contacting? The answer is companies who are already interested in what you have to offer. You may be wondering why these people have yet to find you even when they’re clearly interested in the type of product/service you carry, but then again, did they really know about your company right from the start? That is why you need to generate an interest in your brand.

Cultivate their desire.

An effective lead generation program is one that preys upon the desires of prospects. The best kind of leads are, of course, the ones that are genuinely interested in your products and services – they wouldn’t have become leads for your business if they aren’t interested, right? The next part though, is to get them to desire what you have to offer.

Now, this step should all be part of your lead nurturing program. You need to engage with your prospects and nurture them until such a time that they become sales-ready.

Make them act upon your message.

Your lead generation campaign for business to business leads would all be for nothing if your prospects don’t act. What’s the point in engaging your prospects if in the end they just stay leads and don’t convert into sales? You need to have a proper call-to-action in place as part of your telemarketing program. Include a good CTA in your call script and see how it helps.

Lead generation through telemarketing is, at often times, difficult and doesn’t yield desirable results. Although, that only happens when you don’t have a proper approach in dealing with your prospects. Make use of the AIDA principle and see what effect it has on your future results.

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