Lead Generation Tips – Avoid The Social Ladder

It seems that with social marketing finding application even on the subject of lead generation, some people presume that the value of your business is longer based on what you can do but who you have served or who your friends are. Unfortunately, you have to wonder if it means marketing is now reduced to a game of climbing the social ladder. Is this the kind of business you want out of your lead generation process?


Lead Generation Should Not Lead To Social Climbing


The truth is adding the social element in your lead generation strategy can work for some but not all. If you prefer a more objective and straightforward approach of just letting results speak for themselves, then you may not even need the social element. For example, if you are a tax consulting firm, you would rather let the hard facts of law and logic win a sale rather than how many friends recommend you on Facebook or something.


Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Appointment SettingThat is not only very understandable, it is actually quite noble and a good lead generation strategy can only help that more by getting you the tax consulting leads you need to prove your worth. But then again, that begs the question: Are you worthy?


  • You have a strong record – A reliable tax consulting firm has no skeletons to hide. You not only have years of service in the industry, you have survived with out ever the need to get your hands dirty. The messages and images presented in your lead generation strategy only show you as you are. You are business of integrity and your history alone proves it.


  • You care only for what is irrelevant – The biggest weakness of implementing social elements too recklessly is relevance. Your lead generation campaign might get you a lot of Likes on Facebook or numerous connections on LinkedIn but what about actual business leads? What good is making yourself presentable to prospects when you have no substance to show for?


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  • You do not let ‘friendships’ prevent you from being fair – A company with a strong record of good performance has nothing to fear when threatened with silly things like the fear of being ostracized and your sales lead generation campaign only responds with truth in the face of bad rumors. This same lead generation strategy gives all customers fair access to your services, not based on their ‘who’s who’ status.


  • You serve, you do not ‘suck up’ – You want your lead generation process to get on a prospect’s good side? Again, you do it with the facts. Not only that, you do not just bombard them but put it in simple ways that really drive the message home. Sugarcoating facts about tax laws can only sweeten things so far. Your offer your services to all, not just those who try and get friendly with you (or vice-versa).


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Remember, weaning yourself off from the social ladder’s influence is an achievement of those who have only truly proven their worth in their industry (tax consulting and otherwise). It is living up to what you have marketed in your sales appointment setting and lead generation campaign. This same lead generation campaign does not try to substitute substance with social connections and fame.

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