Lead Generation Tips – Do Not Push Prospect’s Buttons

The title may be stating the most obvious lead generation tip yet but it is quite saddening to know there is a trend that actually seeks to justify its violation. From the likes of shows such as Hell’s Kitchen to the alien concept of confrontational evangelism, this marketing counterculture sounds really tempting to those still trying to make their lead generation strategies work.


Lead Generation Via Lashing Out


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You won't generate leads by yelling at them.

This trend is the trend of pushing people’s buttons to get their attention. It operates on the belief that the best way to draw out people’s desires and get them running to fill your lead generation pipeline is by infuriating them as badly as possible. Why do people do this? Why do some folks sincerely buy the idea that trolling your own potential customers makes them more likely candidates for lead generation?


More importantly, why are they wrong and how is it actually harming their lead generation campaign?


  • They think it gets more attention – As alluded above, saying things that might offend or irritate prospects gets their attention. For example, you might be tempted to post an ad featuring a tax evader in jail to get more tax consulting leads. Sure, it gets you noticed but so does elbowing a random stranger’s gut. That does not mean it is the kind of attention you want.


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  • It gives them a power trip – When you feel the need to project a confident image in your lead generation campaign, it is not the same as putting yourself up as king and everyone better do as you say. Real industry leaders are servants to their customers in every way, from their lead generation services to customer service.


  • They are setting themselves up as if they are at the top – Putting yourself above other people so that they will look up does not equal lead generation success. The more you push people’s buttons about things like their tax compliance, the more they will try to find ways to legally knock you off your pedestal. When everyone is watching what you say, being so high makes you a more exposed as a target.


  • They think it drives a message harder – Saying that getting in a prospect’s face is for the sake of helping them is just a sad way to excuse the previous three reasons. You are just running a lead generation campaign, not the invasion of Iraq! If your customers are unhappy because they did not do as you have advised, you do not need to rub it in their face. Better yet, help them!


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It may sound cheesy or fuzzy but you will be better (note: better, not just safer) if your lead generation strategy focuses on a more positive image. As a tax consulting company, you have every reason to get on a prospect’s good side if you want them to trust you and your expertise. Generate tax sales leads with honey, not flammable vinegar!

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