Lead Generation Tips – Formality Need Not Be At 100%

When it comes to stereotypes, lead generation experts know how they work for both your advantage and disadvantage. Now when it comes lead generation campaigns for accounting, there is one prevailing stereotype that seems to affect not just accountants but the B2B sector as a whole.


B2B Lead Generation Is Not Always As Formal As Implied


People seem to have a lot of misconceptions regarding formality in the context of generating accounting leads, including bookkeeping leads and tax sales leads. You do not necessarily have to live up to the boring stereotype of accountants being mathematically inclined money-counters. The same goes when you think it means your lead generation strategy comprises of marketing materials overloaded with data that you think will somehow convince them you are the one.


Lead Generation, Accounting Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThe following are some cases in your lead generation campaign where formality need not be 100%:


  • Course of prospect engagement – There is a chance that you might need to exchange emails or calls before your prospect officially joins your lead generation list of accounting prospects. During the course of that exchange, do you really have to sound like some Victorian accountant? Why not just talk like regular people? You are busy enough as it is without filling your lead generation tactics with too much pomp.


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  • Receiving prospects – Formal as you may be, your lead generation process will not always take in prospects who have the same obligation. Sure you might get a really professional response from a really well-known prospect. That does not mean your accounting lead generation strategy should neglect those who fail to capitalize or punctuate their contact forms.


  • Approaching prospects – You can also intimidate a lot of prospects and the general image the accounting practice needs a lot of work as it is. In short, do not be the very thing your less formal prospects fear you are. Good communication is key in lead generation and this means speaking in ways that are easily understood between both parties.


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Naturally, there are also times when a little formality is required (e.g. client meetings, events, a professional-looking squeeze page). So it is not an all-or-nothing question. It is a question of how much or how little (in other words, percentage). When approaching accounting sales leads, formality need not to be at 100%!

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