Lead Generation Tips – Handling the Politics Inside and Out

Most marketers often shy away from anything to do with politics. All that controversy and activism seems to distract lead generation campaigns from what they’re simply called to do: Find potential clients.


And yet, what they may not realize is that politicking will find its way into the conversation regardless. Just because you’re not talking about ISIS or 9/11 doesn’t mean politics won’t impact the quality of a lead or the success of your sales reps.


Perhaps the reason why office politics can be a dirty word in marketing is that it’s often an undesirable element. But no matter how much you discourage it within your own company, there’s going to be another company that’ll make House of Cards (or worse, Game of the Thrones) look like Sesame Street.


This is a big deal? It will be if several of these companies are listed among your prospects.


It’s perfectly natural to feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. One the one hand, you’ve got prospects who feel very strongly about certain political issues (e.g. taxation, economy, regulations etc). On the other, you’ve got prospects who might not be as transparent about their personal ambitions as you’d like to believe.


The only thing you shouldn’t resort to is resignation.


No, not drastically resigning from whatever position you’re in. This is resignation simply in terms of giving up control over the conversation with your prospects. Sometimes the politics can just serve as a distraction. That’s why you shouldn’t ever shy away, but rather stay focused in spite of it.


  • Tip #1 – Focus on the problem, not just the politics: This sounds counterintuitive but you should ask what personal stake a prospect has in an issue. This will bring you closer to understanding the problem they want to solve.


  • Tip #2 Figure out what needs fixing: A prospect’s problems has and always will be the only point of concern for your lead generation process. That means dealing with the politics influencing the problem sometimes. And other times, times it means rooting them out.


  • Tip #3 – Understand the necessary role of politics: Like it or not, politics are a part of life. Handling them is a necessary skill among business leaders (which obviously includes your target decision makers). This necessity provides its own context can help you determine how much it should influence the conversation.


For some people, an ideal world is one without politics and everything just strictly business. But in reality, that may may never be the case. Better to accept it as the nature of the beast instead of cutting out half your prospect list because of political differences.

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