Lead Generation Tips – How Ending Trends Should Not End Marketing

FIFA 2014. Germany wins. The end. That’s pretty much what you can expect following the conclusion of the month-long sporting event. It’s like one big party. No matter how big or how fun the whole thing was, eventually the crowd goes away and it’s time to pack up.


This is actually a sticky situation in B2B lead generation. No matter how long or how complicated your sales process, this kind of excitement is still the key to attracting potential clients. That’s why you ride on trends like the World Cup. There is a major struggle to be in the biggest conversation because that’s where you think your target market is found. So once the party’s over, it seems like the game’s over too.


Funnily enough, it’s like America’s own relationship with the sport of soccer. The sport is the iconic sport of suburban kids. But once they hit high-school, it’s going to be something else. Sound familiar?


It would be if this story is the one told by a majority of your clients. At first glance, your lead generation campaign was perfect. It got them excited about your solution. They enjoyed the conversation from the telemarketer all the way to seeing that fancy sales presentation. What comes after though? You don’t remember. That’s the problem.


This superficial nature of trends shouldn’t go as far as infect your marketing assets. That’s why marketers need to extend their concerns beyond just producing B2B leads. It’s important to concern themselves with what happens after those leads are qualified, sent to sales, and become paying customers. How do you keep up the excitement even at the end of a trend?


  • Find a new one – Obviously the first thing you’d think of but might hesitate to apply because you don’t want to be a trend-hopper. But if marketing is going to have any hard truths, it’d have to be that. You need to stay relevant, stay trendy, and stay within the attention span of your target market. The good news is that once one trend ends, you can be sure another one will already be on the horizon. It only becomes a matter of how fast you can pick it up before they can.


  • Focus on business relationships – If you really don’t like the trend-hopper label, then take comfort in the fact that your target market isn’t always one either. Sometimes what gets them interested can differ from the mainstream. Keeping yourself focused on maintaining good relationships with that particular target market helps you understand what they deem important not just what the whole world is talking about.


  • Be consistent in spite of trends – Remember, the only reason why you’re trying to get in with a trend is so that you can redirect a prospect’s attention to your business.       What you provide as a business is the foundation of your relationships with customers. Sticking true to that helps your business deliver on what it promises in its marketing campaigns. It shows that you have a culture and an organizational sense of identity.


Trends can come and go but it’d be a different story if the same went for your business. You don’t see McDonald’s ending after the World Cup right? That’s because they don’t let their marketing end with the trends.

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