Lead Generation Tips – Know Thy Opposition!

Advertising is just one of those industries where lead generation campaigns have stronger ties with the voices of consumers. Unfortunately, that voice has mostly been negative as critics of advertising continue to come up with every excuse to consider the industry irrelevant, or worse, the whole concept of marketing. However, should your lead generation strategy be all about fighting this back or is there more to who is ‘against you’?


Your Lead Generation Campaign Could Be Losing To Tech More Than It Does Political Opposition


Lead Generation, Advertising Lead Generation, Sales LeadsRegulations on media include advertising and hence, anything that touches on that will touch upon how you will formulate your lead generation strategy. And yes, there have been many cases where political action has been taken because people have adopted a sour attitude towards ads. On the other hand, your advertising leads are not always lost because of their consumer activism.


It could be that the real obstacle for your lead generation campaign lies in technology than in the the tacky slogans of media critics.


The best example is this recent article from Yahoo! News. TV networks are now officially concerned as online media is proving to be more convenient and liberating than traditional programming. It is hard to tell how much of this will definitely impact lead generation plans for advertising, but better for you to be safe than sorry.


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More importantly, it is dangerous for you to presume anyone who is trying to criticize the current state of advertising and television as jumping on some moralist bandwagon. Instead of that dismissive attitude, you might want to do the one thing you should always exercise in your lead generation strategy: listen.


  • They are not entirely against ads themselves – Sometimes it is not really the concept of advertising that they oppose but merely their execution. Like advertising lead generation, the rise of new technologies should challenge you to use them for more targeting, more precision placement, and more relevant impact with an audience.


  • It is a sign of advancing times – Do not think that the decline of television means that people are buying into doomsday notions of TV corrupting people’s minds, controlling the masses etc, etc. On the contrary, the Yahoo! only indicates that technology is advancing. So should your lead generation tools and strategies.


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  • You need to adapt, fast – Finally, advancing technology will not wait for you. Your current lead generation campaigns hold the information necessary to determine how business needs regarding advertising are starting to change. Pay attention and start adapting to where they want you to represent their brands!


Again, your opposition is not always the culture critics but the technical critics who expect newer means for groups to find their advertising sales leads. Learn to listen and find out what exactly do they mean by that to secure your lead generation campaign.

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