Lead Generation Tips – Leaving Prospects On Their Own

The latest lead generation strategies often favor a mix of inbound, content marketing while at the same time never fully taking an active sales rep out of the picture.


This works because most prospects nowadays don’t really like being led around their noses for a solution. They want to learn and figure things out on their own.


Is it really that simple though?


The reality is that there are many different types of learners. Most of them may very well appreciate the approach that balances leaving them on their own while allowing you to intervene on occasion. What about the rest though? What about that prospect who’d rather entrust you to know everything about your product, your company, and your industry? Or reversely, what about the prospect who insists on themselves by rejecting any further content?


Consider them the two extremes of learning.Whether or not they’re good or bad, some prospects prefer learning that way. Adjusting your lead generation strategy can be difficult, but not entirely impossible:


  • What are they trying to achieve? – Some prospects have gotten by on their own. Others prefer looking for solutions that aren’t the norm. Others would rather get the answer straight away so they can apply it sooner. Instead of asking them what they want to know, ask them what they want to do.


  • Why do they like learning this way? – Never underestimate the role of emotions in a buying decision, even a B2B one. For some people, figuring out a puzzle on their own has its own pleasure. It doesn’t matter whether someone else already did it or put the answer online. Don’t be afraid of getting a little personal and ask why they prefer learning  with the amount of content they specify.


  • How do you avoid putting pressure? – There’s no deal breaker than direct attempts to pressure a buying decision. Refusing to deliver more content or stopping to when asked are just common examples. In of itself, content is already part of the service you provide and attention is what they pay it with. Unless their attention is no longer valuable, don’t apply the pressure.


It’s true that extremes are an exception, not the norm. That doesn’t mean there’s no need to prepare in case a prospect falls under one or the other.

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