Lead Generation Tips – Make Sense on All Accounts

Everyone (including B2B marketers) has been trying to tie in their content strategies around the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But while there’s no shortage of those ideas, one other aspect of the World Cup should tell you that your lead generation strategy needs to make sense on all accounts.


It’s funny how the title of the post came from a meme that is more or less South American (thank you Emperor’s New Groove). But more to the point, there is one thing about the World Cup that may not make sense on all accounts: Poverty.


That’s right. You’ve likely seen it on social media. Heck, your chances are higher if you’re the type to talk politics half the time. Protestors have been hitting the streets and the news saying that the World Cup is a big slap in the face of the country’s poor.


The impact’s has undeniably tugged at the heartstrings of Facebook and Twitter users everywhere. In spite of all those good intentions though, some say the numbers just don’t add up.


Hence, what you’re really looking at is another cautionary tale of using viral, mass proliferation against harder facts. It’s not just about whether this kind of marketing strategy is really effective. You’re also risking the credibility of your business by:


  • Too much popular opinion – Popular opinion doesn’t always make it easier for you in the sales meeting. You can be credited with spreading controversial ‘photo evidence’ or exposing so-called ‘cover-ups’ but what goes on next is between you and your prospect. They’ll be the ones firing off the skeptical questions and double checking your facts. And unlike the masses who’ve shared and liked your material, they’ve got the money to back up their scrutiny.


  • Being the boy who cried wolf – Okay, you’ve failed to convince one prospect. No problem right? Just convince two more! Oh wait, you’ve already failed to convince five? Not good (and for good reason). The more you persist in questionable facts, the more likely others will start buzzing about why they’re so-called questionable. Like the boy who cried wolf, your entire target market might eventually stop listening.


  • Covering up your own mistakes – It’s harder to stay honest when it’s been proven that you haven’t been honest yourself. That’s why it’s better to have all the facts straightened out the first time. Otherwise, any attempt to argue further is just going to look like you’re covering up your own errors.


So please consider, while the viral techniques of these protestors is laudable, you’re going to crash real hard when someone tries to make a stronger case for the contrary. The best way to brace yourself is to make sure you make sense by all accounts.

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