Lead Generation Tips – Things You Do Not Tell Prospects

While keeping secrets is generally not a good idea for lead generation, there are a few things you must not tell prospects. As important transparency can be, there is a difference between that and sharing things that will render your business vulnerable. The marketing strategy behind your lead generation campaign still has few secrets that need to be kept.


How Lead Generation Could Produce Leaks


Lead Generation, Energy Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThe process of lead generation is a process of information. And of all the world’s commodities, sensitive information is one you do not spill lightly. For example, if you are a power company, you would not want your energy procurement leads leaking out for competitors to take for themselves. But speaking of that, power companies can still spill other kinds of classified data during their lead generation campaigns!


Before that though, what about the things you can tell prospects in your lead generation campaign? Well, the key to knowing what is good to say and what is not depends on the way it will benefit those who hear it. If it benefits them in a good way (like electricity will not be as costly for them anymore), then explain away. On the other hand, you do not:


  • Tell them how your meters work – Explain your pricing sure but that is not the same as explaining how you actually calculate the amount of power they consume. A lead generation campaign teaches business owners how to be economic with their electricity, not how to tamper with the energy meter!


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  • Give a too-detailed tour of your facilities – It is one thing for publicly display your power stations and maybe map out your lines. It is another thing when your lead generation campaign offers a tour that will show all the world where to go in, where to go out, and (indirectly) point the most vulnerable places to blow up if they want to knock out a region’s power supply.


  • Where your customers live – This is probably the most obvious but it bears repeating. Your energy lead generation strategy will not be legitimate unless you ensure your prospects and customers of their privacy. You do not just freely publicize who you do business with. Instead, implement something like referral marketing for lead generation instead.


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You might find it hard to believe that businesses are so reckless when it comes to sharing the above in their lead generation campaigns. Well, you would not want to underestimate the desperate lengths some marketers go to in order to get their B2B sales leads. There are so many other things you can tell in your lead generation campaign.

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