Lead Generation Tips – Using The Inside Look

Like it or not, a lead generation process has a considerable amount of sucking up both on the part of the marketers and on the prospects. How many times have you encountered a scenario where one party is afraid of offending the other (be it via rejection or criticism)?


This kind of behavior isn’t helpful and can blind both parties to the facts that can lead to sales as well as a better business relationship. So what’s the solution? It’s called the inside look.


“If you’re surrounded by people who are kissing your ass you’re not really examining what you’re doing.”


The above quote came from Scrubs star Zach Braff on the issue of yes men (via Co.Create). And while it’s true that yes man have more cons than pros, many B2B marketers often ignore how yes-men-like qualities are expressed across several phases of the lead generation process. More importantly however, this kind of attitude blinds both business vendors and buyers when it comes to each other’s facts.


That’s why an inside look is a better alternative. Ever heard of something like this?  “An inside look into the life of a modern salesman! Today on DDC!” This kind of journalism is plenty and often presents itself as having all the facts and the experience straight from the source. (Look at how famed astronaut Chris Hadfield uses it to clarify a lot of movie conceptions on life in space.)


This is also the kind of expose that can send all sorts of yes men cringing. Why? It’s like what Braff said, if you’re afraid to give less than stellar feedback, the person who needs it won’t know what they need to push forward. And by forward, that could include moving forward in the sales process. Think of it like this:


  • From the lead generator’s POV – The very purpose of lead generation is to discover a prospect’s problems and align them with your solutions. Hesitating to get a deeper look inside those problems is obviously counterintuitive. If you know more about a particular business process than your prospect, a yes-men attitude only downplays that expertise.


  • From a prospect’s POV – This is basically the other way around. They may not have enough expertise on a particular process but neither do you have enough intel on the things they are experts on. You need an inside look in order to understand a context you may not be all too familiar with.


Information is the lifeblood of the lead generation process. It’s what keeps conversations going and helps your sales reps win the sale. A yes-man attitude is counterproductive while getting the inside look can be a lifesaver.

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