Lead Generation Tips – The Mutating Blur Between B2C and B2B

B2C and B2B marketing have always looked at each other from opposite ends. Indeed, like two sides of a coin, these two forms of marketing are often looked at by companies and/or researchers and compared to one another.

That was then, but what about now? It’s like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One moment you left the line as it was. Things seemed normal. Yet by the time of your next lead generation campaign, the line’s mutated into an unrecognizable blur!


To recap, B2B refers to “Business to Business” marketing. The whole point of B2B is to market to buyers (preferably the corporate kind) who need your services or products to do specific functions in their job or organization.


B2C, on the other hand, refers to “Business to Consumer”. If that description doesn’t make it obvious, the main point of business to consumer marketing is to market your services or products to buyers who need them for non-corporate activity.


Both types of marketing use different resources and different techniques. B2B marketing is commonly thought of as marketing to professionals using detailed information on how their client can benefit from their service, direct sales pitches, and technical terminologies.


B2C marketing usually delves into ads that catch people’s attention (which can include gimmicks of sorts), introducing, as well as reinforcing positive thoughts and/or impressions on a specific product or service to their targeted audience.


Based on the description above, one could think that both B2B and B2C marketing are very different from each other, but lately, that boundary has started to break. Through the use of social media, B2B is slowly starting to adapt some of the principles of B2C marketing, and of course, vice-versa.


For quite some time now, B2B marketers are focus on generating positive emotion from their clients and throwing in catchy phrases in their ads to catch people’s attention, while B2C marketers now include detailed tutorials on how and when to use their products, as well as other useful tips and tricks for the benefit of their would-be customers.


Indeed, the lines separating the two are so blurred now, that even marketing mediums used by one are now being favored by the other. An example of this is that traditional B2B marketers generally favor LinkedIn as their site of choice to generate leads and sales, while traditional B2C marketers generally favor Facebook. Now, B2B marketers are starting to use Facebook more often while B2C marketers are tapping into LinkedIn.


B2B and B2C are now in a stage where one can use the techniques of the other. If this goes on, we may one day no longer need to separate the two and use one term to refer to this practice.

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