Offshore Telemarketing – Know How You Need It (Not Just Why)

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding offshoring. But when it comes to things like offshore telemarketing or online advertising, critics and skeptics make the mistake of painting with a broad brush. Ask yourself this simple question: Are the mistakes made by a particular outsourced process applicable to telemarketing or web banners?

What Telemarketing Provides VS What Other Offshore Services Provide

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Lead GenerationA quick way to answer this is to look at what something like an outsourced telemarketing company can provide. Next, you compare the importance of the process. Finally, you look to how this importance fits across your entire business strategy. Just because telemarketing seems so important and urgent for you does not mean it is a process you should micro-manage it. In fact, a need to constantly micro-manage everything is not always healthy.

  • What offshore telemarketing provides – Whereas offshore manufacturers deliver parts, offshore telemarketing delivers information like targeted business sales leads. Of course, it is not the only lead generation tool that can be offshored. As a matter of fact, plenty of other online lead generation tools compliment the unique advantages of telemarketing because online technologies can expand placements and exposure.

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  • The nature of its importance – Plenty of business processes call themselves important. How they are important is a different story. In manufacturing, some businesses are justified in their need to make sure the product is made properly; no risk to intellectual property; and workers are duly compensated. In telemarketing however, it can be argued that collaboration can be conducted over long-distance communication. (Ditto for digital ads.)
  • Its effect on the overall strategy – B2B telemarketing is often used to set appointments (from face-to-face to phone conferences). However, the scheduling behind these appointments tends to vary and thus, it further complicates the urgency. Yes you need to make a sale but how soon do you really need to know about a prospect? When is the prospect available and do you really need to be in a call center to know this?

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Many critics of offshoring claim that find themselves in troubling lack of control and insist that a process is of too great an importance to outsource overseas. The question regarding telemarketing however does not seem to get the same answer as that of offshore manufacturing. Processes are more communication-dependent than factory dependent. B2B lead generation services provider spread themselves further on a global scale due to online technologies coupling with the telemarketing industry.

See, there is a difference between knowing how you need something and why you need it. Knowing why ranks the importance of telemarketing compared to other business processes. Knowing how though tells you how much you have to worry about when it comes to its inner workings. Do not be quick to put all offshored processes in a single box when there are still significant differences in that regard.

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