On Getting Cleaning Leads The Old-Fashioned Way

Whether it is cleaning leads or actual cleaning, there are times when some people squabble over doing things in a way or the old-fashioned way. The latter though can be justified for several reasons, one of them being that they cannot afford the new. Now if you are indeed in the need to generate cleaning services leads the old-fashioned way, you really have to make sure you are used to the simplicity of what you need to do.


Not Just Simplicity, You Have To Get Used To Simplistically Qualifying Your Cleaning Leads


Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Sales LeadsOne of the most classical forms of B2B marketing would be actually walking into the work place of your prospect and getting a good look around. Naturally, the act alone will not generate cleaning leads but they will if you are willing to keep taking the other steps on the way to that objective.


  • Step 1: Look around town – Since you are looking for B2B leads, small business establishments are always your best bet. For maximum effect, make sure to look out for any nearby competition. It is one of the primary challenges to getting your cleaning leads. And regardless or not, make sure to keep a list somewhere of all the places you have and still will be checking.


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  • Step 2: Do not be too obvious – If you can, try to be a customer in their establishment. Order something or at least be very genuine when browsing. Do not make it too obvious that you are trying acquire them as cleaning leads. A natural defensive reaction would be the least of your worries.


  • Step 3: Note possible causes of concern – Needs will always best indicator of commercial cleaning leads. While inside a prospect’s establishment, keep a sharp eye and ear out for signs of poor maintenance. Leaky pipes. Vermin problems. Even dusty carpets can be enough. Needs do not have to be expressed just for you to consider qualifying some cleaning leads.


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  • Step 4: Take down further contact details – Whether if it means introducing your business or not, you should find a way to get more contact information. Sometimes when the setting just seems so inappropriate, you really have to resort to alternative channels like telemarketing or even direct mail to qualify them as cleaning leads.


  • Step 5: Know the best time to contact and officially qualify – Timing is key if you want to make one final conversation to see if a prospect is interested or not. Do not make it sound like you are aware of their problems but ask if they are. Focus on presenting yourself as a willing provider (and a better alternative). Generating cleaning leads is all about putting the customer first.


Granted, this can be a little slow but you should still remain diligent as cleaning leads are key to elevating any business (big or small). Whether or not you decide to find a newer way to generate sales leads is second to understanding the need to get them in the first place. For all you know, you might need to get your cleaning leads the old-fashioned way before trying for the new!

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