Outsourced Appointment Setters – Veterans in a New War

Some say war never ends. It just takes different shapes. The weapons change. The casualties change. Even the drama change. What doesn’t change are the conflict and the soldiers fighting in it.


Marketing is that conflict. In an age where information values even higher than guns and goons, everyone is scrambling to deliver the most relevant information. Only then can attention be gained, appointments are made, and your salespeople score victory. Still, not everyone can be a seasoned soldier in this field. That’s why you outsource.


But how is it that the people with no fighting experience ever manage to direct those who do? Is it really possible for you to work with a company that seems to know a lot more than you?


The answer is yes.


Outsourcing doesn’t always demand that you have the same level of knowledge as your vendors. Otherwise, what’s the point? Yes, it takes some effort but it’s not the effort that will eliminate the strategic and cost-effective benefits that outsourcing brings. Your actual effort comprises of the following:


  • Staying in touch – If an outsourced appointment setter kept in touch before and after the sale, that’s already a demonstration of their prowess.  However, you shouldn’t be lazy on your end either. Make it a habit to regularly contact them on the progress of your appointment setting campaign. For example, you could schedule a weekly call or a conference.


  • Directing – Outsourcing companies also have a tendency to be offshore. This means it’s up to you to make every technological resource to manage them. Even collaborative software like Google Docs can be a good start. Be clear on what goals you want achieved (maybe even conduct a sample call yourself).


  • Listening – Never underestimate a veteran’s experience. It’s their greatest asset. And the worst way you can downplay it is by not listening. Companies with a lot of good years behind them don’t easily forget mistakes. These are the same mistakes you yourself wouldn’t want to ignore, let alone make. If what they say you’re not targeting the right target market, let them explain why. Ultimately, whether you contradict it or confirm it, at least hear what they’ve actually born witness to.


  • Give feedback – The beauty of listening is that it allows a two-way street. You have a goal. And while they’ll know how to take you there, you’re the one who has to make sure what ‘there’ is. Share the results of your sales meetings. Are they delivering as promised or is there something they should change so you could improve your chances? (And don’t forget, it could also be the other way around.)


Employing those with war experience doesn’t always have to be a case of a novice commander getting lectured by the veteran. It’s all about communication. You can achieve success without necessarily having to expend more time and energy getting what took them years to build up.

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